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Ive a mild acne + mild sabhorrea like dandruff sumink ard my face :\ + folliculitis on my chin and under my nose.. sad.gif

My derm has asked me to deep cleanse my face every third day like this :

Cuticura sensitive skin cleanser(wipe off with a wet towel)

Noxema cleanser

Neutrogena on the spot masque(on the pimples)

Freeman clay masque

Otherwise for a daily use 'physiogel' twice a day to wash my face..and at night for fifteen mins 'Calamine powder mixed with water on my chin and under and ard my nose...

Am i over doing it ??

Second iam 22 years old and my skin is young..Theres a myth that masques stretch and relax your skin..making your skin get loose with time and your pores bigger than they shud be..It freaks me out..

Is it true ??

Any suggestions ?

Iam sick of acne and shit..Ive been on anti biotics since about 6 years now and now iam badly disgusted..My acne has made me suicidal now..Esp folliculitis..

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My mother has been using clay based maskes since she was my age (15) and know she's 40, and people alway mistake her to be a teenager (my sister). So if that is true it must take till like you fifty and I dout you will be using mask then.

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