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Did Actor Got Acne Too?

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i'm wondering if make up really affect to our skin ,like mine, i got acne after using make up everyday for past 2 years, then why did actor (examples, beyonce) , (looks like) never got acne ,even actor / actress might using make up more frequent than us ,ordinary people?? hahaha

i know it s a silly question, i'm just wondering why ,since i was looking at Channel V this morning and saw their perfect skin *pfiuhh*

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Umm, camera and stage makeup is very, very thick and covers really bad acne.

Soft camera lighting does wonders for the skin.

They edit all video in post-production. You can apply a truckload of filters to someone's face on video to hide acne.

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If you watch a show shot in HD on a very large screen, you'll realize a lot of actors do not have perfect skin. Even with the filters and stage makeup and fancy procedures.

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Well, i guess it depends, I guess most actor and actress they are originally have good skin (that's why they could become actor & actress- no one probably wanna hire them if their face are full of acnes when they come to casting ~ ) and probably they do not have sensitive skin like us, so its harder for them to get acnes, moreover, they spend loads of money on their skincare routine e.g. spa treatment, laser + using expensive make up, they also lucky enuf to have the specialist look after their face and give them some tips about their face and their skin . therefore they have a good skin. But ! I'm sure most of them don't have perfect skin, if you look at them closely or in person without make up. i'm sure most of them are just like ordinary person = )

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I watched Beyonce's latest DVD and they have extreme close ups with spotlighting. If you look hard enough you can see a few very small milia-type bumps on her face but nothing like real acne. Overall she's still gorgeous but nobody's perfect.

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They really don't have great skin, we just see them at their best with loads of makeup. Google "celebrities with acne" and you'll see. Cameron Diaz especially has pretty bad skin.

Surprise surprise, even actors and super models get a breakout now and then. smile.png

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