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I just wanted to stop by and tell everyone that tea tree oil is my new best friend. I've been using it for a week and it is clearing up the acne on my shoulders/back/chest beautifully - in a really natural, gentle, yet effective way. I've had body acne make a surprise visit for the first time a year ago (I'm 27), and I was in denial big time because I always had perfectly smooth skin everywhere but my face, which had mild acne. I kept thinking it would go away. It didn't. Finally breaking down, I started using benzyl peroxide 5%, which I find takes a really long time to see results and it leaves my skin very dry/patchy/damaged in the spots where I applied it. TTO is causing the acne to *fade* away without making my skin sad and angry. I'm really impressed. It's also working on my face. I knew there had to be a natural way to take care of something my body was creating naturally. Also compared to BP, it's clear and invisible on the skin (if only just a wet look). I use 100% pure TTO (I bought mine from a drugstore in the vitamin aisle for $10CAD). I put it on a q-tip and apply to affected areas. It does not hurt my skin at all, but I gather that if you have sensitive skin it can be a little stingy or itchy. It also has many other uses! Google it!

I'm also trying 100% jojoba oil as a moisturizer after learning about all of the bad-for-your-skin ingredients in so many creams. I'm still figuring out how to *prevent* acne, but this is really working for me as a topical solution for existing acne, and I've only just started this routine. THe jojoba oil is supposed to trick your skin into thinking it has enough moisture so not to make more sebum, so we'll see! I wore a tank top for the first time in months yesterday!!! I hope that people can try it and have it work for them too.

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I'm also trying tea tree oil! I've been using it for about two weeks now, however, I think the first week was kind of futile. I started off with TTO cleansing pads by Desert Essence and they had alcohol on them. I wasn't too crazy about the alcohol, so I decided to order 100% TTO from Amazon. That just came a couple days ago and I've been using that. I just wet a cotton pad and then drop some TTO onto it. So far I've had average results, but I'm hoping since I switched to the pure TTO without the alcohol, I will do better.

Let me know what you find with the jojoba oil as a moisturizer. I may try that at night. I have extremely oily skin, so there's no way I would use it during the day.

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Sometimes oils just aren't what they claim to be. Some oils that are masquerading as TTO have been tampered with: synthetic chemicals that are of unknown origin, safety or efficacy are used to dilute the oil.

For more information have a look at this post: http://www.acne.org/...f-tea-tree-oil/.

Please also go to the Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil Facebook site HERE for more information on how you can be sure you are only buying pure TTO.

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