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Is This Cyst On My Butt?

I think i've a cyst on my butt. It's EXTREMELY painful especially when I sit down and when I get up. It's tender to touch though there are some hard areas too.

I'm not sure what to do about this since I have to get rid of this quickly (it's making my life miserable). Below is the link to the pic. I notice there are "black tips". Are those blood that dried out? Should I try to poke it with a strelised needle so that the blood/pus can go out?


(*WARNING* This is a picture of the cyst on my actual butt. I've tried cropping the image so show the NSFW parts as little as possible but some people may still be put-off by the pic)

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They look more like blood blisters to me...although I have no idea how you would get them there. Does it feel like there is a massive lump underneath them? I know you said some hard areas, but does is feel like an actual lump?

When I had an actually blood blister I drained it (yeh yeh you totally arent supposed to drain blisters but I always do). People say not to drain cysts since they can scar, since its on your butt and you probably arent worried about that, I dont see why you couldnt, just make sure the needle is sterilised and you patch it up after with antiseptic and a plaster.

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After a few days of painful sitting and getting up, I notice the pain lessen considerably today. When I checked the blister, it turns out the WHOLE red blister turns black! In the first pic it was just a red blister with blackhead, but I guess the blood has spread and it completely freaked me out.

Anyway I steriled a needle and poked. A considerably amount of blood poured but the "size" has gotten smaller now.. though it's still black with slight bumps. I'm not sure if it means I have not poked enough or what?

Also I didnt see any pus or white fluid. It's all just blood. Is this considered as blood blisters?

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Yeah sounds like blood blisters to me. I had one on my finger from trapping it in a set of ski bindings (ow). I just drained it and let it dry out then the top just comes off. Exactly like a normal blister, except its red and full of blood not that white/clear stuff.

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