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Okay, So It's Not Acne (At Least I Don't Think So)

I got tiny bumps on my lips about a week ago, thinking it was irritation from a lip exfoliator thing I had used that had given me a tiny cut on the upper right side of my lip.

It started at the right side and was very slight. It then spread to the rest of my upper lip, a little of the skin above my lips, and a little on the right lower lip.

I really haven't found out what it is. It's not herpes or a cold sore or anything like that. There are no open sores, they almost look like little non-inflamed pimples. I looked up a lot of things online and can't really come to any conclusions. My lips have been so dry so I used some Carmex and I think that's what made it spread. :\

I've only read about people who have this, not what it is or exactly how to treat it. Has anyone had anything like this before and know what to do about it and what it is exactly?

I've never been allergic to a lip product before and use only products that are noncomedogenic and good for your skin. Any ideas?

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Hmm I have no idea but the pictures look nothing like what I have.

They're seriously teeny tiny bumps that are on my lips. You can't see them unless you get straight up in my face and are looking for it. But I feel it, it's like freaking sand paper.

It also doesn't burn and isn't red.

Could it be a food allergy or something? I'm stumped at this point.

Okay they burn a little bit now but I'm not sure if it's just because I keep thinking about it. I've never had any lip problems before and I swear if this doesn't go away I'm going to go crazy.

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I'm so glad I found this posting! I've only ever had an outbreak like this once before, and it wasn't serious at all; it cleared up within a few days at most. But this time around, it's lasted so much longer and has spread to both my lips and is starting to from around my nose! I was really starting to freak out.

My symptoms have been exactly like what everyone else here has been having: tiny, really itchy bumps and really dry lips. I've also been using really old carmex (the kind in the tin), and thinking back, I was using it the first time this happened. I just threw away the carmex, washed my face with warm, soapy water, and put rubbing alcohol over my entire lip and nose area. It burned pretty fierce, but already the itching has stopped. I'm thinking what caused it to break out so bad this time around was that I had gotten a tiny cut on my lip and chapped lips at the same time, so I REALLY slathered on the carmex. It all makes so much sense now.

Everybody, throw away the old lip balms!

I always use lipstick, chapstick, lips gloss, lip balm and if I dont have thouse I like my lips all the time. I was more than just relieved to find out I dont have any kind of infections and should just stop using my lips products, I just have to thank all of you for this messagebored it stoped me from worring. Im just relieved that I am not the only with this problem.
so, I started having the same symptoms a few days ago and went to my dermatologist today - she is the best ever!!. she says i am allergic to carmex!! It makes so much sense. i started using it for the first time a few days ago and was slathering it on all the time. then i stopped using it but i still got the bubbly tiny blister things afterwards. she said that is normal because it takes a couple days to soak in/affect your lips and then it can take up to a week to get out of your system. she gave me a steroid to help with the symptoms and then told me to use "Aquafor" on my lips instead. so STOP using carmex and see if it goes away in a week. that makes sense about what some of you are saying about it cycling. cause you say it gets bumpy and then crusty and flaky and it's dry so you use carmex and then it starts all over again.

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