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Is This A Cyst/node?

I have suffered from acne for about six years now, but in recent years it has improved. I've only gotten pustules, papules, and whiteheads. But on Saturday I noticed that the beauty mark on my left cheek was raised and slightly painful. When I ran my finger across it it felt as though it were very deep under the skin--nothing I've ever felt before on my face. Today, it's even worse, and the surrounding area is bright red too. At first I thought melanoma, but now I'm thinking it may be a cyst or a node. I am a 22 yearpost-143520-0-99217600-1340561714_thumb.post-143520-0-99217600-1340561714_thumb. old female! Is it possible to randomly get one of those at my age? The rest of my skin just has hyperpigmentation and one healing zit. I've attached a pic taken today, no makeup on (sorry it's a crappy photobooth pic, the cord for my digital camera is missing). Also, I'm not sure if it's relevant, but I've been more stressed out than I've ever been in my entire life, and I started smoking a lot more too.


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I used to get those and got them all my adult life unless I was on accutane or antibiotics. I only got the really big ones several times a year and usually when I was really stressed. My derm says that some adults, especially women, are hypersensitive to androgens so that eventhough your hormones may be normal you are still sensitive and get acne (acne happens because of androgens + plugged pores). Unfortunately, this means that when under stress your body experiences a bigger cascade of hormones and your plugged up pores get more oil and then a cyst can happen.

Most immediately you'll want to get the inflammation down. You can do this with ice several times a day. BP is also helpful in lowering surface inflammation and killing deeper acne bacteria. You can take some Ibprofen to internally lower inflammation and soreness. Drink a ton of water to help wash out toxins. Eat plain whole foods and avoid all sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and spicy foods. Wash your face very gently using barely warm water. Your body is saying it is stressed to the max so you have to do everything you can to help it calm down.

Review lifestyle and see if there are ways to feel more in control. Feeling out of control raises cortisol levels which in turn raises androgens, etc.

Get more sleep and naps...real soothing down time.

Take daily walks outside in nature, especially at dawn and dusk if you can.

See your derm. Your skin is saying that it is getting too plugged up. Whiteheads, papules and pustules are the precursor to cysts and nodules so your skin regime needs to be ramped up. The best one I've done is the one below in my signature. It attacks adult acne on several fronts but without being harsh.

Oh and take zinc picolinate (most absorbable) and refrigerated probiotics (to balance bacteria and aid digestion). And you'll want to cut back on the smoking. Your lungs are part of the body's system to get rid of toxins. If your lungs are compromised and your digestive system is not doing well then your skin is the only way the body can get rid of toxins and this can lead to more inflammation.

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