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Acne Help? Advice Needed Please!? New To This.

I am 16 years old. I've had acne problems for about a year now and i am seriously in need of advice of how to treat and cure it from my face. Im currently on prescribed Benzoyl Peroxide but i am not sure how to properly use it and i feel that i use it way too fast. I also tend to touch my face when oily and dry. To be honest, i also sometimes pick and squeeze spots.

Also this year i've been pretty stressed with finals and exams, but luckily my last one is tomorrow :)

I shower and wash my face twice a day if that helps lol

How did you deal with it?

Tips of how to wash my face?

Tips in general?

Tips on good medication? Proactiv maybe?

Best face wash?

Diet and health? Any food that might cause it and any that might help cure and avoid it? Fresh air?

Controlling hormones and stress?

Thanks in advance

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hi...yes all of the above. lol.

Just my experiences:

Seriously, if youre 16 acne can be somewhat "normal" but if youre female get your hormones checked, birth control pills can help if your cycle isnt normal or your hormones are wacky(mine are)... Go to a derm and see if they give you any topicals like BP wash or antibiotic creams. They are your best bet now. You can try otc and proactive first but they usually only help very minor acne, at least use a medicated wash, but not too harsh.

Some people have food allergies which make acne worse, it sugar, dairy and possibly wheat and nuts can be triggers for a lot of people. Try eating fruits veggies and rice/potatos for a few weeks and see if it helps. Tyr to get rid of processed foods and sugar and especially soda, candy, etc empty calories.

Fresh air and excercise are good.

Dont touch your face unecessarily and if youre oily, get oil blotting sheets.

Youre young so acne may resolve for you! Good luck I really hope you grow out of it. hope Ive been helpful, Ive had acne since I was about 12 and am 30, I finally figured out that my hormones are messed up so hopefully bc will sort me out somewhat.

welcome to acne.org. :-)

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I agree with above. Hopefully you will outgrow this. But regardless you can do some things that will help immediately and set in motion a way to deal with your skin so it is as healthy as it can be.

2.5% BP is a good way to start treating acne. It is milder but just as effective as the stronger versions. Why not try The Regimen? BP kills acne bacteria and helps keep the pores open. Downside is it bleaches clothing but just switch to wearing whites or pastels.

Eat healthy whole foods...fruits, vegetables, grains and meats. Avoid sugary foods, caffeine, dairy and alcohol. This helps keep down inflammation which helps lessen acne.

Only touch your face with a tissue. Make this a rule. Your hands carry lots of oil and bacteria which can make things worse.

Wash very gently with a nonsoap cleanser. No rubbing with a washcloth!

Don't keep switching products and don't get caught up in multi-step routines from magazines. Many of these regimes recommend toners that are too harsh when using BP.

See a dermatologist if you can. This can save you alot of grief and get you on a more effective regime.

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Is it a benzoyl peroxide cleanser or a cream that you leave on? A cleanser won't do very much. You need a cream that you can leave on your face.

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