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Obamacare And Making Acne Treatments Affordable.

After doing a little research, I can not wait for Obamacare to become official. And if you are suffering with acne and DONT have insurance to cover expensive dermatologist visits. Here is why you should to.

1. Obamacare eliminates pre-existing conditions policies, for example in the past if you had cancer you would not be coverd by the insurance company. The same goes towards acne

2. Obamacare drops the cost of medical insurance, im not sure by how much, but making it more affordable is better than nothing.

With obamacare it will finally make it where severe acne sufferers can finally afford expensive course treatments like Accutane.

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that's awesome! I didn't even know that, since I always thought of acne as a cosmetic flaw rather than one that is critical for health. but I suppose that severe acne could actually be rather dangerous and treatment should be covered by insurance.

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