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Moisturizer Burns Bp Does Not

Of course in the beginning the BP burned but I used olive oil and a cetaphil moisturizer with it. Then my skin adjusted and I had no problems with any OTC moisturizers. However when I used the Regimen moisturizer it burned my skin and turned it very red and it hurt. I couldn't give it time to adjust because thats how bad it was. I don't know if I'm allergic to it or there's some kind of chemical reaction but I really wanted to use the regimen moisturizer because the OTC ones that I was using were all making me greasy even if they were oil free.

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I've never tried Dan's moisturizer, but... the one I really like is Glaxal Base Moisturizing Lotion (with or without Vitamin E, I don't notice any difference). It was recommended to me by a derm and it's the ONLY moisturizer I've tried that doesn't make me feel greasy (including the quasi-recommended Cetaphil lotion). Unfortunately I think it's only sold in Canada, but for the US markets they sell Glaxal Base Moisture Therapy Lotion, and looking at the ingredients lists, they appear to be the same product. If you're still looking for the right moisturizer, that one might be worth a try.

OTOH, it might be less the moisturizer itself and more what you're doing with it. I find that if I don't wait enough time between the BP and moisturizer (i.e., the BP is not completely dry), the moisturizer mixes with the BP and makes it wet again, and then you have an awful mix of BP/moisturizer on your face, which hurts like hell.

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