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Seriously, read this. I'm sure it will be useful for many of you. I'm just gonna jump right in. Many of you with questions about the products in correspondence with your individual needs may be pleased!

Cleanser - Probably the least necessary product of the big three (meaning, of course, the cleanser, Benzyl Peroxide, and moisturizer). Fortunately, the acne.org cleanser is very well made, flaunts a pretty generous price tag and will probably last a lot longer for many reading this than Dan suggests. The reason I say it is the least necessary is this: If you have a good cleanser (I used to use Burt's Bees Acne Solutions cleanser (which kicks ass)), consider sticking with it. The main component of the regimen is the Benzyl Peroxide. KNOW THIS. ACCEPT IT. Dan's cleanser has some suburb ingredients and lathers very well, so I would definitely recommend it, but everyone's skin is different. The cleanser you are using may be cleansing your skin just as good if not better than acne.org's option. Speaking of individual skin types, DO NOT feel compelled to use two pumps of cleanser (or moisturizer for that matter) just because Dan recommends it. Is your face the same size as his? Nope, probably not. Not to mention tons of other variables, but you get it. Experiment. See what lathers well for you and spreads easily on that sexy face.

Benzyl Peroxide - Get this stuff. It is inexpensive, finely milled, and the 2.5% concentration is perfect. Make sure to ramp up the dosages slowly...or you will regret it. This is what will eradicate your acne.

Moisturizer - People seem to have very mixed opinions on this moisturizer. I thoroughly enjoy it. I think it goes on very nicely (with around half the dose recommended by Overlord Dan), soothes the skin, is absorbed quickly, and moisturizes very well. The ingredients appear to have been very carefully selected to achieve such characteristics. Regardless of whether you are using this product and like or dislike it, definitely try mixing jojoba oil with it. This stuff works wonders. Google it. You may find that the jojoba oil's natural properties enhance your experience with this moisturizer (or any moisturizer really). I can't guarantee you will like it as much as I do, but I believe exploring the option is important to finding the proper tools to adequately combat acne. However, like the cleanser, if your current moisturizer is doing the trick, stick with it. Don't fix what ain't broke.

I hope this helped at least someone out there. This is all I can hope for. Just remember: If you are reading this, you are probably as interested in attaining/maintaining skin without acne as I am. So, once again, experiment with dosages and different products and add to the collective pool of knowledge. Thank you for reading!

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