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Spironolactone And Minocycline?

I was prescribed Spironolactone (50mg) but still have a current prescription for Minocycline (100mg). Can I take both? Should I take both for the first 3-6 weeks to avoid a massive breakout?

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You can take both. You probably won't get an IB from the spiro, but it's possible. Sometimes antibiotics just help calm things down while your other treatments go to work.

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I've just been prescribed spironolactone (I've been on it about two weeks), and I've definitely experienced an initial breakout. It's not the worst breakout I've ever had, but it's definitely pretty bad. I've also been on Finacea for over a year (it's amazing, by the way), so I think that has helped keep it from being an absolutely atrocious initial breakout. My dermatologist has prescribed minocycline for me in the past- just occasionally for when I'm experiencing terrible flare ups. I'm about to pick up more today, and I really think that it will help calm the initial breakouts I'll have from the spiro for the next couple months or so. I'm really hopeful about the spiro though. Despite the initial breakouts, I've seen good changes overall in my skin. The red marks and acne lesions are fading faster. Also, the flare ups aren't cystic anymore. Which is wonderful. I've known that my acne was hormonal for a while, which is why I'm so excited about spiro even though I know it will take FOREVER to work completely.

Just some tips, it's okay to take spiro and mino at the same time, but drink A LOT of water. I mean, a lot. I am always carrying a bottle of water with me. I was so dehydrated and dizzy the first week (but nothing unbearable). After that first week, I really haven't had any side effects. Also, don't take any pain killers (advil, aspirin, etc) or drink alcohol while on sprio. This is so important. It will kill your liver if you do. Good luck!

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