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Grass Fed Chicken Eggs

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Also if you are allergic to eggs, it's very likely that you will lose your allergy when you consume them raw. It's the cooking process that transforms them into what the body sees as a foreign object, thus triggering your allergy. When you cook eggs you destroy virtually all the important nutrients and enzymes needed by the body anyway, so raw free range is the best way to go. Organic, free range, grass fed is even better

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Onefatalgoose, do you just eat the yolks raw? I've almost always eaten the yolks raw. But I was told long ago by a natural healing practitioner that raw whites can cause gas and other problems in the intestines because of the difficulty to digest.

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Yeah i've been eating the whole egg. But it's funny you mention that because lately i've been doing more and more research on it, and what you're saying is actually very truthful. Apparently the best eggs to consume raw are pasteurized because the process of heating the egg to approximately 142 degrees destroys the protein digestion inhibitors found in the egg white. And it seems like you can do this at home as well in 142 degree water for 3 1/2 to 5 minutes depending on the size of the egg.

Apparently eggs don't start to cook until they reach about 160 degrees, and don't become scrambled eggs until they reach 180 degrees. I think this is how i'll be consuming raw eggs from now on, by just pasteurizing them myself

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