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Retin-A Micro

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Im currently using duac in the am and retin-a micro at night. Should I use a moisturizer with the retin-a because my skin always looks red and irritated. I also have post inflammatory hyper pigmentation making the redness worse

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Hello there,

I'm on the same regimen. You can use a moisturizer at night. Here's what you want to do: wash your face with a mild cleanser, wait 30 minutes, apply retin a micro, wait 1 HOUR, then you can apply a moisturizer. A few drops of jojoba oil goes a long way for dry, irritated skin too.

I'm in the middle of my 6th week of this regimen... the redness eases up as you go along.

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I was watching a interview of Dr Obagi because I've bought some of his products to use with my Differin. He say's you shouldn't moisturize, that your skin becomes dependent on it. Basically when we're kids our skin is "healthy" and doesn't need moisturizer and then in our teen years we dry our skin out with harsh cleansers and follow with moisturizer because that's what we're told to do. When you moisturize your outer layer of skin is hydrated and tells cells in the dermis there's no need for your natural hydrating mechanism. supposedly retin a and all other retinoids can reverse your skin back to it's healthy state.

He's not someone I would disagree with about skincare so I'm personally testing his philosophy.

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I have the same problem with hyperpigmentation and i hate it. Heres what i do, i wash with Cervae hydrating cleanser, its very gentle and moisturizing at the same time. I used to use their regular cleanser with great success but my face would still look dry and flaky. No moisturizer at night, sunscreen/moisturizer in the morning. I use micro retin a about every other night because it makes me peel and does little to actually prevent the acne break outs. But they are cleared faster. If that makes sense.

Oh and for the hyperpigmentation i use concealer. Cant see a thing!

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