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Need Help Switching From Ziana/taz .5 Cream ---> Ziana/taz .1 Gel

Hi everyone, these medications all scare the hell out of me and I want to ask a few questions before I do something I shouldnt.

Ive been on Ziana for about six weeks, and about three weeks ago my doctor put me on taz .5 cream just for my chin/mouth area and just two times a week.

This past week ive had a crazy cystic break out in that area and when I went back to see my derm yesterday she put me on taz .1 gel and told me to start working up to using that in the chin/mouth area and eventually on my entire face.

The way I was considering doing this is as follows, and im wondering if you think this is correct or if I should do it another way.

I plan on continuing to use the ziana in the mid/top sections of my face (only 2/3 of the amount i was using before).

I am going to use the taz .5 cream every other day on my chin/mouth area (sicne my skin has gotten use to twice a week with no issues)

and after a week of that ill switch to taz .1 two to three times a week. Once my skin has warmed up to that, ill move to using taz .1 every other day.

Ill stay with the ziana on the top parts unless my derm says otherwise.

(I go back in a month so by then im sure she will let me know if I should start using it on my entire face)

But do you guys think thats ok?

Taz .5 cream every other day for another week and then taz .1 gel two to three days a week until my body is use to it and then every other day?

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