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Guest Euler

An approach to Back acne

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Guest Euler

I used to have very bad back acne, and after noticing the great effects that the Regimen had had on my face I decided to improvise a Regimen for my back.

Few reasons for this:

1. My back skin is tougher and could take more

2. The acne was on the bad scale of moderate

Anyway, I've been doing this for 4 weeks now, and for the past 2 weeks I've had no new spots on my back. I'll describe what I did:

Morning & Evening:

(1) Wash back gently with simple soap (which doesn't include moisterisers, or any stuff like BP)

(2) Pat Dry with a towel

(3) Wash areas with a Salicylic Acid wash:

I use clearisil pore cleansers for this, and use one wipe for each shoulder, and then squeeze out the remaining liquid from each cloth after wiping.

It is important to only wipe the affected areas, and NOT to stray onto the fragile neck skin, since I did this by mistake and got some terribly sore red rashes on my neck (where I had no acne)

(4) Wait a while (I apply Dan's BP-Gel to my face in this period)

(5) Now apply a generous amount of 10% Benzoyl Peroxide, I use Quinoderm - whihch absorbs wonderfully quickly!

(6)[optional] apply a *thin* layer of oil-free moisturiser.

I didn't do this, as my skin could take it for the beginning part - but started to get a little itchy after 2 and a half weeks, so I started to apply a thin layer from the fourth week onwards.

Note: you'll see your skin start to look very strange, but as long as you carefully apply the acid and BP in the *correct* places you shouldn't (well, I didn't) get unneccessarily sore.

My Results: I also used this on my chest where I had mild acne.

I no longer have acne *at all* on my chest, and I'm enjoying watchign the red spots from old acne fade bit by bit on my back.

I don't know if this will be useful to anyone.

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sounds gud man. so glad it worked for u. ive got bacne too. quite bad i think. not like lumps n stuff. but just like very small ones. a few on my chest and arms. so where did u get the 10%BP stuff from?? im in UK. also, how did u apply it to ur back as its quite hard to reach init?

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Guest Euler

I'm from the UK also, I get Quinoderm from Boots (you have to go up to the pharmacy section and ask especially for it), and that's 10%bp.

I find it's very good at absorbing, but it's far too harsh for use on your face.

To apply to my back I use my left hand to reach my upper right back (and right hand to reach upper left back), by reaching over the shoulder. You can get to roughly below the shoulder blade by doing this, for lower down stuff I just wrap my right (or left respectively) arm round my waist to reach mid areas on the left (or right respectively).

I don't have any below about half-way down my back so, I'm not so sure about that - I think the hard bit in that case would be to reach the centre of the low back.

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okay cheets mate. ne idea how much it cost and how long does 1 tube last?? also, do u wear white all the time bcos ive used Dans BP on the back and already ive bleached 2 blue shirts. damn it

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Guest Euler

it's about £2.55 a tube for 25g, and that lasts me just under 2 weeks, but i guess this might change depending upon how much area you have to cover!

With t-shirts I generally wear loose-fitting ones and try not to lean on things too much (this is quite hard to do, but after a while it becomes kinda instinctual), and the other thing I do is to wear a thin white vest underneath what I intend to wear.

Luckily England is cold enough so that you don't over heat or anything smile.gif

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