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Zachary John Carter

Acne Scarring, Confused


anyone know what type of pimples turn into acne?

coz in my case, the one that turns yellow, it doesnt turn to scar

but the big red one pimpple, there the ones that turn into scar..

am i wrong or right

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pimples is what alot of people have where they get a one or two spots every now and then.

Acne is consistant acne that covers a good portion of the face for extended periods of time. Acne needs medical treatment, go to a Dermatologist if you have had acne for longer than 1 month, trust me you wont regret it.

Big pimples AKA Cyst leave scars because they are so huge they usually end up destroying some healthy tissue and getting it replaced with scar tissue.

If you have cystic acne go to the dermatologist ASAP. Before your scarring gets really bad. Cystic acne scars are usually wide and deep. Google images of "rolling scars" if you want to know what kind of scars cyst can leave if not treated immediatly.

Hope this helped.

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I agree with LZOMG, get to your dermatologist and take scars very seriously. You want to treat the cause and effect at the same time as possible. It depends on the doctor but some believe in chemical cures and some take a more natural approach. Cost is going to vary, but a good way to treat acne and scarring is with natural essential oils. I know a lot of users here use neroli and it's gaining popularity. Google: "neroli oil healing scar damage" and you'll find a lot of information about natural ways to deal with the damage of scarring and how to use natural oils to prevent the big red ones and the yellow ones too. And keep them clean! Of course you can find great products and a good regimen for that nearby.

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I would not apply any essential oils to your skin right now. You don't know what's causing your acne, and could irritate a bad situation. See a dermatologist as soon as possible, and follow his professional advice towards treatment.

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