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Expensive Vs Otc -Top Notch Dollars

I have recently come to the conclusion that otc cleansers and toners and moisturizers, dont do well with my skin , i have tried quite a few , neutrogena, clean and clear , even cetaphil . After a trip to the derm , she had me using revison skin care cleanser, toner and moisturizer ,thy worked like no other but the prices were killing me -cleanser-20 dollars, toner-22, moisturizer-45.00.... so i decided it was too much money and it was putting the biggest dent in my purse, after a few months off those and replacing them with neutrogena cleanser,toner and moisturizer my skin went back to a massive attack of cycts and white heads. Has anyone else experienced the difference between the expensive stuff and the cheaper stuff? which helped you more? do you believe paying more is worth it?

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You might want to look into what the active ingredients were in what you were using before. If it came from your derm it could have low doses of retinoids in I think.... which you wouldnt get in an otc product.

But if you work out what it is, you might be able to find that similar ingredient in something cheaper!

Personally, my skin doesnt seem to respond differently to anything! Just goes about its business

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paying more is worth it because there are active ingredients for acne vs the otc "meds" that just smell good and have a brand name... but if you take time to test your skin and find out what exactly triggers the break out you wont need to pay money to keep your skin clear. what you eat,hormones and products cause break outs

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