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What Liquid Foundation For Accutane? Halp.

Hello I am beginning to prepare for Accutane now...so a little help from fellow girls here!

I have only used mineral makeup all my life, and have no idea how to use liquid foundation. So does anybody have any clue what I should get? And how do you use liquid foundation? What am embarrassing question, but there it is! I hear mineral makeup will make you flake, which is true as I've had that terrible problem when I was using salicylic acid products and anything else that dries your arse out. It looks like pieces of myself falling off lol.

Thanks all.

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With liquid foundation, you can put a little bit on your finger or on a sponge, and just rub it on your skin in a circular or sweeping motion until preferred coverage is reached.

I've tried a ton of liquid foundations, and many make my skin oily, nasty, and flaky. However, I prefer Covergirl Trublend makeup or Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse. Those two seemed to look better on my weird skin.

I really don't recommend using a liquid foundation with acne-prone skin. There are so many crazy ingredients, it's better to simplify. I use mineral makeup, and used it throughout my Accutane treatment, and although I was dry and flaky, the makeup didn't make a difference. However, when I was on Accutane, my normal makeup brush (the big fat kind) irritated my skin like I was rubbing needles on it. I switched to a flat brush (this one: http://www.bareescentuals.com/Maximum-Coverage-Face-Brush/US32792,default,pd.html?start=1&cgid=BM_BRUSHES_TOOLS) and it was much better.

Luckily, 2 months in to the Accutane, I didn't even need makeup much anymore.

Good luck!

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Thanks hun! I still love to use mineral makeup, but I'll switch to my soft brush rather than the default brush they give you in the little mineral make up capsule. Sounds like you began to clear up pretty quick. I'm eating Subway in preparation for my Accutane....hopefully the derm will see all my redmarks/active acne and prescribe it...here's to hoping! I just want to be able to eat semi-normal things and not break out. As soon as I finished the Subway...3 whiteheads appeared later on. Amazing how that happens. It's so uncomfortable, and especially those cysts you get ON top of your eyebrow.

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