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What Kind Of Pimple Is This?

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I do get those kind of pimple and it doesn't leave bad scarring. You can take care of that scars by applying aloe vera (fresh) and Lavender oil (heard it is good for acne scars) I might try sweet almond oil in the future. I noticed that if you pimples on that area where you got it, it doesn't leave bad scarring. If you get pimples on cheeks, like those scars you have on this picture... it does leave bad scars which I hate. :(

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Well I bought some concenetrated tea tree oil that I am applying to it. The thing that upsets me the most is this is the first time in a very long time that I got a pimple of this severity, I think I go months at a time without new break outs. I'm hoping that it will reduce in size over the next few days and not leave a scar.

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It is a cyst. Hate them! It shouldn't leave a scar. Try to leave it alone. If it developes a prominent whitehead then you can prick it with a sterilized pin, apply a bit of pressure to relieve it and dab on some alcohol. Or you can also put some tree tea oil or BP on it to help it go down faster.

Feel good that you are getting these less often...means that you are producing less sebum so pores are less clogged. Yeah for getting older. Most likely you recently went through some stress, sebum production went up and your pores couldn't handle it.

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