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Saucer Shaped Scars Any Treatment?

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Hi guys I just realised the correct term for my type of scars is 'saucer shaped scars' as some mention it, cause it gives a better idea. So I have these 2 big saucer shaped scars on my cheek one is rather steep and the other one is sloping. When I turn my face down the sloping scar is very much noticeable and looks ugly. It is many times caught in the pictures too. The other scar is very weird in color and appears quite deep sometimes. I've had 5 subcisions and 3 needling sessions 10 saline injections with almost 30% improvement. The only temporary solution i've found so far is inject saline every week which plumps them up for a week it is cheap and effective. However i'm looking for more of a permanent solution and lead a normal life. My doctor told me that my sloping saucer scar will never improve and he can do punch floats in that area to eliminate box scars in that area which make the scar look bad. I know there are fillers but i'm not that rich to get fillers every year and my doctor also refused to give me fillers calling my scars shallow. I have heard of Artecol which is kind of a permanent filler. So i'm wondering if anyone has similar scars like I do and did you have any improvement and any tips you'd like to share? Thanks.

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