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Urine Therapy (Not Trying It- Just Simple Curious Question)

I haven't tried urine therapy, but i've read most of the threads on the boards about it.

I doubt it would help my acne at least topically becuase my acne is far too hormonal i dont see how that could help. maybe drinking it might help but i still dont understand why its drinkable when there is a reason it has to leave the body. (i know its sterille but I dont understand where all the toxins from the liver/kidneys go then?)

I guess my main question is in regards to those who are on medications for example birth control. People reported have a double effect of b5 whilst they were on b5 and also drinking their urine ..obviously they were doubling their dose.

Would it even be safe for someone to drink their urine or put it on their skin if they were taking meds due to possible overdose? more so the birth control pill of all things you dont want to mess around with doses etc.

Again, I'm not starting this because im trying something ese but im just curious about that.

At the moment i'm consuming more iodine and salt loading...i assume that means it would be bad for me to do UT as if I am heavy metal toxic they would be coming out in my urine?..

I'm just confused with the concept of urine being safe to consume spesh when peopel are on meds

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Here is a link to an article you need to read http://www.gynob.com/amniotic.htm. It explains that amniotic fluid is mostly baby urine and you and I and everyone else came into this world after soaking in our urine for about seven months, and if we did not we would suffer with poor development. Here is a more medical link that says much the same thing. http://www.nature.com/jp/journal/v25/n5/full/7211290a.html. If urine is bad for us how come it does not harm a fetus or unborn baby?

Apparently most of our waste is eliminated through our bowels. When we ingest urine waste is eliminated the same way as if it was food and anything beneficial can be taken up by the body and introduced into the bloodstream. I am not a medic, I only tell it as I understand it after searching over many years for the same answers. There is waste in urine, but it seems that the waste component is very small, the rest is just blood plasma without protein or blood corpuscles. When your blood goes around the body the kidneys regulate the amount of water in it by taking excess out and putting it into the bladder so lots or useful hormones, vitamins, minerals etc. have to go with it.

I do not know why urine appears to regulate our bodily functions when they decide not to work properly and therefore cause healing. I do not know why it is such a magnificent anti inflammatory. As far as drugs go, some drugs go straight through and can have the same effect again when ingested, some are altered by the liver so they will not be taken up by the body a second time and will go to the bowels the same as food. You would have to ask the drug companies if it would have the same effect when ingesting urine.

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