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Breaking Out With A Couple Big Blemishes On Chest. And I'm Going To Be A Bridesmaid. Help!

So being very pale on my chest...every blemish is pretty noticeable. And the worst part is I'm going to be a bridesmaid (strapless dresses) in august, so I can't cover up with t-shirts anymore. I believe it's a breakout caused by going off of doxycycline two months ago...it's been getting worse since then but not dramatically.

I need some advice about how I can stop these nasty things from coming and make the old marks fade! They're deep red bumps that I could feel coming...but there's only a few. Still noticeable though in addition to a few old red marks. My back gets one or two from time to time but my back is darker than my chest so they're less noticeable and I have long hair to cover that up.

Right now I'm thinking about drinking a ton of green tea every day and getting tea tree oil for spot treatment. Currently I'm using neutrogena body scrub and just using my hands to wash gently. I was using the body spray version of that, it seemed to work but was making my skin dry and I ran out. I also take a women's multivitamin. I'm 18.

Please help me out here! What can I do that will speed up healing or keep them from coming? I would probably be willing to get a spray tan (aloe based) to cover them up, even if it meant a breakout afterwards.

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Like you, I'm very pale and when I get a bump or two on my chest they are super noticeable.

I've been getting a lot lately and as soon as one goes away another one appears and it's super annoying. I tried tea tree oil and it helped get rid of the couple that I had but, like I said, a couple more would just pop up in another place the next day, so I wasn't sure if the tea tree was helping or making it worse.

I might try to dilute the oil and spray it on so its more gentle, in case it was irritating my skin.

I'm also trying to drink more green tea lately and hoping that that will help.

As for the body scrub you are using, if you have sensitive skin it might not be the best idea. The scrub may actually be irritating your acne and making it harder for it to heal. I've always used fairly simple shower washes, and gently exfoliated with a loofa instead of a scrub.

Also, if you have a Lush Cosmetics store in your area, try the "grease lightning" spot treatment. It's basically an ointment made with tea tree and thyme, very antibacterial, and made to zap spots nearly overnight. It may be a bit gentler than straight up tea tree oil, and a bit cheaper too.

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I use the Neutrogena body scrub too and find it works the best if you use it every.single.day :P

And I also use Kate Somerville EradiKate on my zits, face or body. It's the fastest solution that I've found

that doesn't cause dryness or scabbing- therefore leading to something that's almost worse than

acne. I hope you get it stamped out soon. :/ I HATE breaking out on my chest.

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For the bumps, I would get a cortisone shot...really the best thing you can do for an emergency event. For the marks, try lemon juice three times a day.

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