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Doxycycline & Epiduo For 2 Months

Ok guys...

Recently i had a minor acne..on my both cheeks... and my forehead and chin is 100% clear

and then after tons of football and sweat mixing with my acne i developed severe acne on the cheeks...

my left side is abit minor but the right side is full of those hard acne that will never go -.-.-.-..-

So after i could not handle it anymore i decided to visit a dermo and he gave me Doxycycline and epiduo and a cleanser and a sunscreen

So here's my routine...

Morning :

1. Wash face with Cetaphile Anti bacterial Soap...

2. Apply benzoyl peroxide

3.Apply Sun screen...

After having food

i take 1 cap 100mg of doxycycline


1.Wash face with Cetaphile anti bact soap

2.Apply epiduo

Thats all, i have been doing this from past 2 days...and alot of my acne is peeling.... can u guys suggest me any tips ??

also i have quitted fast foods n all :)

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It's peeling? Excellent, that's what it should be doing. You'll be clean in a jiff. Make sure to use lots of sunscreen and drink lots of water, especially since you're doing sports. Also, don't worry about quitting fast food, I'm fairly certain it doesn't affect your acne.

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Thanks !

That made me abit happy !

but the down part is that im getting new small tiny red spots in places i never get !

Should i use any natural scrub or let it peel by itself... ??

Well my dermo told me to lower the meat n all.....

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Make sure to let it work naturally, trust me, the last thing you wanna do is irritate your skin when it is peeling.

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ok ok ok

its been day 5...i had a huge 3-5 pimples formed 2gether and it was hard to feel now after day 5 , it all broke down into small onces and i can feel some skin :D

Guys any tip for moisturziers or i should continue the sunscreen ?

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