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Sun + Chlorine + Lemon Juice = Holy Grail Cure!

Hello everybody! About a year ago, I began to develop some mild acne on my cheek and chin area. I didn't think it was a big deal so I tried multiple drugstore products such as neutrogena, clean and clear, aveeno, cetaphil, and all you can think of! I went to the dermatologist and she prescribed me Duac and differin which did work at first, but then it became worse. Over time, my "mild acne" had turned into moderate/severe acne. My cheeks were filled with big inflamed pustules and cysts and my self confidence was so low I wouldn't look anyone in the eye. I was severely depressed so my mom took me to the dermatologist again where she prescribed me doxycycline antibiotics and epiduo and chylindamicin. Of course, all the acne came up for about 3 weeks and then started to clear up! I was thrilled because my doxy pills made me severely sick and made my stomach ulcers extremely bad. I stopped taking it and almost immediately my face blew up WORSE than before.

I decided to take matters in my own hands at this point. I came across a thread on here about using LEMONS to cure acne. I thought this was ridiculous because I had spent well over 600 dollars trying facials, treatments, pills, medication, you name it! and a 10 cent lemon was the cure? No way. But i was desperate so washed my face, I cut open a fresh lemon, put the juice on my face for about 15 minutes washed it off and put my epiduo on. All I can say is WOW. I woke up in the morning with almost a completely different face. My pimples had shrunk, scars were fading, and I noticed a difference! I wanted to cry I was so happy!

Recently, I took up swimming as a hobby and I did notice after I would get out of the pool the combination of CHLORINE and SUN dried up my pimples and made my skin tone very nice!! I highly HIGHLY recommend swimming to anyone suffering with acne because exercise can help as well!

I'm on day three of using lemons in the morning and at night and i'm proud to say, I have no active pimples at the moment and my scars are starting to just fade away! PRAISE THE LEMONS!! You can also drink lemon and cucumber water as an inner detox while you are doing an outer detox! My face could still be better, BUT I truly believe it looks a hell of a lot than it did before!!

I hope the sun, chlorine, and lemon method can help some of you mild/moderate acne suffers! Let me know! :)

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