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New To Acne.org And Needing Serious Advice

smile.png Hi there! I'm 19 and came across acne.org about a month ago and have been following various advice ever since.

Products I've recently switched to

  • Spectro gel for blemish prone (purple bottle) morning and night

  • Spectro gel moisturizer for blemish prone skin morning and night

  • Burts bees blemish stick morning and night

I've been using these for two weeks now and have yet to see improvement. I like the cleanser as it feels nice and isn't irritating however my acne hasn't stopped... in fact I have more now.

I usually only get acne on my cheeks and chin and rarely anywhere else... now those acne and new acne seem larger and more irritated/inflamed

wacko.png very confused because i thought going gentle and natural could only make it better

side notes* I've never tried bp, salicylic acid or any of that stuff out of fear. My acne is one part of my misery the other is the bad hyperpigmentation it leaves behind...

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Hello, Tatiana. As you most likely know, acne is caused by some kinds of bacteria, certain biologic/internal issues or hormonal imbalances. A good amount of people get results from strictly topical solutions however, so that's what I'll focus on.

All-natural products do work for some types of acne but not all, and usually not if it's any worse than mild. You said you've only been on it for two weeks, though. Some products can make your skin 'purge' out all the impurities that were in your pores. This is pretty rare with natural products, but it can happen. It usually takes at least a month to see improvement with most any product, but if it's making it markedly worse, you may want to think about switching. Natural products are best for people with very dry or sensitive skin and do not contain anything to kill the bacteria, which can lead to acne. You said you haven't tried benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid out of fear that it'll make it worse. If your current products aren't helping and seem to be making it worse, what's the risk?

If you do decide to try BP or SA, look for a cleanser or moisturizer with either product in it in a low-strength to start off. 5% BP or 1% SA used correctly seem to be the best as they don't have much potential to irritate or make skin dry and red like the higher strengths do. BP seemed to work best for me, but that's because it's designed for acne deeper in the skin. The peroxide in it introduces oxygen into the pore, thus destroying the bacteria. SA seems to work best on acne that's closer to the surface, as it exfoliates and takes tiny increments of skin off the surface, reducing dead skin cells and gradually surfacing the heathy skin underneath.

I always got post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, too and it never helped that my skin is paper white. I found that taking it easier on all the products I was using helped them heal faster, but I was using the equivalent of battery acid on my face twice daily.

I know virtually nothing of the Burt's Bees Blemish Stick, but I read the product information and some reviews, and all of them said it was great.

Lastly, if you haven't been to a dermatologist and you have insurance or can afford it, you should give it a shot. Perhaps a good antibiotic or prescription cream is what you need. If you find a good one, they'll know what your skin needs to heal.

I wish you all the best.


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Just give any new products time to work. Acne does grow under the skin and will slowly

be drawn out as products kick in.

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Thanks, Marvolo. My acne is rarely below the surface. It seems that whenever I do notice a new one It's already above and looking slightly inflamed.

Can I use both bp and salicylic acid or just one in a regime? I'm thinking of trying paula's choice after waiting another two weeks...

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Usually one or the other is enough to do the trick. Some people with very resistant or oily skin do use both- a BP wash and an SA spot treatment, for example, but actually combining them creates a very harsh PH which can burn the skin quite badly. If you do choose to use both in one regimen, make sure one is applied well before the other (or rinsed well in the case of a wash) and isn't still active on the skin. One would think if your skin isn't used to chemicals, you may want to try just one applied very modestly at first to see how your skin reacts, then slowly increase in the amount of product used/how many times used daily as your skin adjusts. If, after the trial period your skin still hasn't shown much improvement, then switch to the other or use both.

A word of advice, though; if you use either as a topical treatment, just use it as a spot treatment (excluding moisturizer, of course). I've woken up in the morning looking like a poster child for Red Lobster from applying it all over- not a good look for me.

Hopefully this helps clear some things up. (Gotta love puns..)


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