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Alright so i had tons of red marks all over my face. I assumed they were just discolored skin that would fade with time.

Well I went to my dermatologist and guess what. Sometimes red marks are tiny blackheads really deep beneath the surface. That is why they seems to last sooooooooooooooo long.

She decided to do micro-dermabrasion (They spray high powered sand on your face while simultaneously vacuuming loose skin/blackheads. This is why home micro-dermabrasion kits do not work. You have no vacuum and will not remove anything. Well after this first treatment I have lost about 50% of the redmarks..... Yeah. 3 more session and probably will all be gone.

Your red marks might actually be blackheads below the surface! So ask a dermatologist who is experienced.

Goodluck fellas

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Well I'm getting 4 chemical peel sessions in like 4-5 months from now. My dermatologist recommended it to me since the accutane tends to leave red marks all over where your pimples were, especially cysts. Chemical peel I assume still gets rid of the blackheads you mentioned because it gets deep in your skin (I'm getting a deep chemical peel) so your skin is brand new, probably with some scars that are deep, but not more beyond that.

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