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Try Thing Thing For This Summer! Worked For Me!

Just try the water regimen this summer. I used to have moderate acne last year. I used many things and this is what i did over the 2 months of summer.

*When you shower just wash your face with water.


*Avoid looking at the mirror as much as you can


It sounds so plain and simple but it worked so nice for me and now i am about 95% clear just some scars left which are fading away.

I did this last summer it was amazing i got my social life back and got a girlfriend as well.


Optional: Try to lower down or don't masturbate at all. It sounds stupid as well but masturbation releases zinc and its essential for your skin.

So try this over the summer.

End all of your social circle and focus on this and a better character people will be amazed how you changed over the summer.

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Agreed. All the products we're putting on is just irritating our faces even more.. I've been washing my face with just water for 3 months now and I have been relatively clear since just except for the red marks that is fading away with time.

But I wouldn't even wash my face in the shower, the water could be too strong therefore striping away all your natural oils, I just splash lukewarm water on my face for around a minute then dab dry with a clean towel.

I still do get pimples every now and then but thats when I stress out too much, so definitely by not looking in the mirror too much would help

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Agreed, but it is safe to apply natural things like aloe vera(Fresh), jojoba oil, essential oils, etc. Washing face with water only does work, but applying aloe vera will speed up the healing process. Anything that you can eat, it is safe to apply on face, like aloe vera, lemons, apple cider vinegar, turmeric.. ^^

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This would just leave me much more frustrated since I barely use anything as it is.

Best of luck to thowe who try it.

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I'm trying the more natural route.

Morning: Cleansing with Manuka honey, moisturizing with jojoba oil with some other added essential oils.

Evening: cleansing with manuka honey, moisturizing with aloe very plant gel

Kinda nervous. Been using BP. So hopefully my face doesn't flip. But I'm done with chemicals on my sskin drtying it out. Well wish me luck! :)

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