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Using The Regimen On Dry/rough Yet Oily Hyper Pigmented Skin?

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The other day I purchased The Regimen with jojoba oil and AHA, but after reading a bit I have become a bit worried...

I have always had really oily skin and my face just kept getting worse and worse [this is about a week before I decided to finally shell out the money for the regimen out of desperation] and I did a whole bunch of things to my face such as rough exfoliating, a witch hazel/alcohol toner that would strip the oil, scrubbed it with this supposedly moisturizing face soap and put on a vitamin e mask, and then slathering on the BP from the drugstore that comes in a little bottle and leaves a white residue-thinking this would surely help it...

Day 1 my face is really tight and starts peeling

Day 2 go to sleep and wake up with huge flakes all over my face...moisturize the hell out of my face to the point where there is almost always facial lotion piled high-still feels dry even under the face cremes..

Day 3 face is painful and tight-painful flakes that bleed underneath if try to wash or remove [sortof like a sunburnt]

Day 4..flakes go away..but zits got worse..tried putting on a little more white BP on zits..

Yesterday and today-wake up with one cheek [the side i put the most BP on because it had the most zits] rough, like super rough-almost like scaly or a callus...very disgusting.

Out of desperation I shelled out for the regimen as I can barely leave the house without looks and feeling horrible-

Now I am worried..with the condition of my face-with the chemicals such as AHA and BP make it worse...and I also started to read that those two could actually make hyper pigmentation WORSE [which mine is already so bad I can not hide it even under the most expensive, thickest makeup]

Is there any advice?

Do you think the regimen would still work?

Should I not put on some of the products or put a larger or smaller amount of some?


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damn no replies.. I suggest letting your face be product free for 3-5 days but do mousurize. then restart regimen with small amounts of BP. when cleansing cleanse with a gentle cleanser for ONLY 15 seconds.

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I think the above advice is very good.. I had crazy redness/itchiness/dryness when I first started, and that was because I started too fast. Many people, like myself, have to ease into the regimen.. so you can't just start with the whole dose of BP - it will irritate your skin like crazy, which sounds like what is happening to you.

I would suggest stopping for a day or two, just wash lightly and moisturize. Give it 24 hours and then start again, but begin with a very light dose of BP. I would continue with the light dose of BP for the first two weeks and then gradually add to it. And I would definitely not use the AHA for many weeks. You should get used to the basic regimen first. I really think there's still hope, you just have to start very slow! Definitely moisturize ALOT too. Good Luck - keep us updated :-)

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