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I Guess It Was Time... ( Progress Pic's )

I feel kind of bad. Been meaning to post a log when I started Accutane but now that im almost finished,

lol.. here I am finding some time.... finally... to sit down and post this.

So I guess ill start from the beginning.

My acne was weird growing up. From 15 to 19 I had moderate acne but only on my face.

I had been prescribed some drugs along the way from Tetracycline to Septra and they

kept my acne some what under control.

At 19 my acne cleared up and I thought "oh thank god this is over"

At 21, my neck and back broke out. From a few, to many, to a lot.

I was like" wtf??? I thought I was done with this"?

Some days were good with just a few, others were bad.

I could wake up in the morning and find quarter size cysts on my back that

were extremely painful to the touch. But never on my face.

Sure, I would get the odd pimple from time to time on my face but

it usually cleared up in a few days and I didn't think much of it.

It made it hard because I loved swimming but stopped going because

I hated looking at my back sometimes. On hot days I would rarely take off my

shirt despite the fact I was sweating to death.

In between all this I doctor shopped to try to find a way to deal with it.

It got to the point where my skin regiment looked like laboratory.

I was taking Ecc 333 Anti bios, %10 glycolic acid peel, Retin-A, monthly cortisone shots,

suntanning or sun burning intentionally to try to fry the little suckers off, scrub pads and


It felt like my skin was my own enemy. Everything I tried, my skin would fight back and

break out more.

Finally ... I got in to see a Dermatologist who actually took the time, to sit down

with me, listen to my concerns, listen to the products I was using and after careful

consideration.. put me on Accutane.

Ill type this out as I kept it in my comp for personal reference.

Day 1: Base line blood tests. ( no "I pledge" or other crap you have to do in The States. )

Day 3: Start taking meds. 40Mg Accutane before bed.

Day 7: Lips are dry. Buy some chap stick. All good

Day 9: DAM.. Lips are dry. Throw chap stick out. Aquaphor to the rescue

No major changes to Acne

Day 11: Co-worker gives me Aveda lip saver. Between the Aveda and Aquaphor my lips feel

amazing and to this day, through trial and error, they have been the only 2 products I kept and used.

Threw everything else out.

Day 15: My face is flaking pretty badly. I grab some Nivea in the blue jar and start caking that stuff

on my face at night. It does a pretty good job. Again .. another product that has worked

extremely well for me. Any black heads I had on my forehead are gone. Some mild improvement

on my back

Day 18: Wake up to a bloody nose but don't think much about it.

Day 25: 3 bloody noses this week. Figure Ill put some Auaphor on a q tip

and coat the inside of my nose with it. This proves to work well and cuts down

nose bleeds to once a month.

Day 27: In for Blood work

Day 31: Prescription increased to 80Mg

Day 38: Wake up to find the inside of my arms are are extremely painful.

As I jump in the shower I notice I have broken out in eczema rashes and let

out a little yelp as I discover them. As I check my back in the mirror.. I notice basically

%50 of my backnee has cleared and the skin on my back and face feels really smooth!

Day 39: I coat my arms in Spectro gel intense moisturiser before bed. This stuff feels

terrible and smells pretty bad. I hope it works.

Day 42: Eczema rashes are gone. Spectro stinks.. but it works!

Day 48: Eyes have been feeling pretty dried out. Grab some Natural tears 2 from the

drug store.

Day 57: Blood work

Day 60: Derma informs me my bad cholesterol lvls have actually dropped from

my last blood work. Either chalk one up for Accutane or .. I shouldn't of had that Mcdonalds

a day before my last blood work was done ... lol

Day 65: Feeling a little sore in the joints and lethargic from time to time, Just got to

get through those work out days at the gym. Summer is coming! Plus when

I get home from the gym .. I feel so much better.

Day 70: Looked in the mirror today. I have maybe 2 pimples on my back.

Everything else is totally clear. I also notice I'm not sweating near as much as I used to.

Day 85: Blood work

Day 90: Derma happy with blood work. Next months Accutane dispensed. 80Mg

Day 105: No active acne for 3 weeks now. Face and Back %100 clear.

Now that were out of the winter months and its been doing a lot of spring raining

increasing the outside humidity to %100, the side effects and drying of Accutane have been

incredibly manageable. I can tell what food have high or higher sodium lvls in them because my

lips have become very sensitive to them and become instantly dried out when I'm done eating.

Day 110: Blood work

Day 115: Which bring us to today, the day of this posting. Saw the Derma today. Both him

and myself are happy with the results Accutane has provided. Blood work is still great despite the fact

I did some serious NO NO's while on the drug. Yes .. I did have a few weekend drink benders.

Hey !!! it was a Jello shot party.. how could I pass it up? I just made sure If I knew I would be drinking

to not take my pill the night of or the day after. During the "hangover" I made sure to flush my body

with tones of water. After .. it was back to business as usual. When I told my derma I was drinking

despite the fact I was on Accutane .. he just laughed. "It happens" he says. "As long as your blood work keeps coming back this good and your not making a habit out of it... I really don't mind"

He informs me this will be the last package he's going to give me. I have a week left of my

old prescription. After that, I will take 2 weeks at 80Mg then 2 weeks at 40Mg. After that.....

Im done smile.png

Products I used a long the way included:

Aquaphor A+

Aveda A+

Nivea (from the blue jar ) A+

Spectro gel for eczema A+

Potassium A+

My bed time routine switched from a half hour of applying drying chemicals

to 30 sec of warm water and pat dry. 1 min to apply moisturiser and in to bed.

I did get some joint and muscle pain a long the way, but it was quickly resolved

from stretching and taking potassium supplements. The reason I took potassium

was based on a theory. When I get the flu .. dam does my body ache. Chances are

the electrolytes and p/h lvls in the body are out of whack. You get enough sodium and

chloride in your body from food but potassium is usually neglected. If I take potassium

when I get the flu, my body doesn't ache any more. Funny enough, when I started

aching the same way on the flu as when I got on the Accutane, I started taking

potassium and sure enough, the pain in my joints and muscles went away.

And well... thats pretty much it. Hopefully this is the end all of Acne. If not.. well..

If dry skin and a bloody nose is what I have to put up with to get rid of my Acne then so

be it. If acne shows up again, I wont hesitate to go for another treatment.

I did manage to dig up some pictures from before. The ones where I have the helmet on are pre Accutane.

Edited by Zraden

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These ones are post Accutane.

My backs a little red from being out in the sun this weekend, with my shirt off,

cutting the lawn. Dam it felt great not to care again.

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You look great! And not just because I love tattoos on guys :)

Accutane gave me my life back. I had to make a lot of dietary changes to maintain my results, but I don't think I would have had the motivation to do it had I not seen how wonderful clear skin is and how manageable my acne could be.

I'm happy for you! Enjoy your new skin. It's a wonderful feeling.

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And not just because I love tattoos on guys smile.png

Planning a half sleeve when the Tain is finished!

Ty for the encouragement. Its been an interesting ride.

This is honestly the first summer I have been looking forward to in a long time!

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Hey bro,

Thanks for your concerns regarding my post. Real happy for you that accutane worked.

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Hey bro,

Thanks for your concerns regarding my post. Real happy for you that accutane worked.

1 month and a bit to go, then I'm done Tane. I'm excited. Ty for you comments!

Edited by Zraden

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Day 125

Take my last pill from my prescription tonight.

Start my last box of Tane tomorrow.

Not much has changed, Eyes, nose, lips, arms, face, and hands still dry.

I'm actually finding I'm getting a little more oilily then im used to on Accutane but I think

its just because its getting warmer out side.

Spent a good deal of time out side today and im a little crispy despite using SPF 50

I was surprised because I don't usually burn at all.

Starting tomorrow,1 pack to go.

Edited by Zraden

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wow, what a journey! I noticed that all the stuff you were using before Accutane must have been making your skin very dry and irritated.

you gave me the idea to start taking a potassium supplement, not so much for my skin but for my occasional muscle soreness from exercising. ;)

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