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Hi everyone,

I need some obvious help with my current predicament while using the regimen. I am about 5 weeks in, and I have seen very small improvements, but I am in the process of cutting back BP applications to once per night (if that) because there is a highly irritated red/dry spot on my right cheek. The weird thing is, it is no where else on my face and I've had problems there in the past, but now that I have been directly coating the area in BP 2x a day for the past 5 weeks (starting slow; or atleast I thought slow enough), it has not responded well. I have tried to reduce application to the area all together to allow it time to heal, but every time i reintroduce BP to the area, it goes right back to burning and breaking and drying out... I really don't know what to do. =(

I recently bought some aloe vera from the store, and last night when I put it on, i woke up with a huge amount of dryness. I don't know if I can attribute it to the aloe vera, but it obviously didn't help. It feels like my skin is having an allergic reaction.

My current regiment is:

morning: Cleanse with Cetaphil daily cleanser

--skip BP bc of my right side--

Moisturize with Cetaphil Ultra-Hydrating facial moisturizer.

night: Cleanse

apply half finger length of BP


All of these steps I do patiently and gently and try to minimize irritation, but my right side really has reacted poorly to this regimen.

I have heard a lot about AHA+ and I really want to try it, but as of now, my cash flow is non-existent (unemployment sucks) and I just really want to get my footing on this regimen so I can continue fighting the good fight.

Any help is much appreciated,

Thanks, Nick

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Sounds like an allergic reaction (does it itch?) or too much irritation. Have you looked at this thread: http://www.acne.org/...ess-or-flaking/? Maybe that helps, or applying moisturizer on your right cheek before applying BP (use no or less BP, build up more slowly). Forget about aloe vera, if you want to moisturize, you'd better have a look at glycerin or hyaluronic acid.

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Hi Nick, I would suggest holding off using AHA+ if you're still experiencing irritation (eg redness). If your skin was not irritated and was just dry and flaky, then I would def recommend AHA+.

I'm not sure how you are going to be able to sort out that one red patch apart from avoiding putting on BP in that area. When you give that part of your face a rest from it, do you wait until its completely back to normal before applying BP again to that area? Maybe you can just continue to do the regimen but avoid putting BP on the sensitive part of your face. It doesnt seem like the best solution but maybe giving it a good rest for a couple of weeks and then starting to apply it again really slowly (like a tiny dot of BP) may help.

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Thank you so much, I will definitely try that. And I'm glad to learn the proper use of AHA+, it would have been a mistake to treat that one area with glycolic acid before it was properly healed and non-irritated.

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