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Hi everyone!

While I have been stalking acne.org for the longest time, this is my first time posting. I had hoped that my first post ever would be one saying that "I am acne free!" ( literally, I fantasize about this ) but unfortunately, that one is yet come!

A little background on my skin which has bothered me since my teenage years, and I am 26 now. Till the age of 18 I had minor breakouts, nothing too serious though at the time they really bothered me! My derm put my on Diane 35 which was a miracle and cleared up my skin for the next few years. This was amazing as for the first three years of college I had clear skin and never needed anything except a little concealer on old marks. Mind you, at the best my skin has been I had a few small red marks on my cheeks so it was never perfect, but it was easily covered with concealer and that was enough for me.

Somewhere around my 4th year of college I went off the Diane and experienced a HORRENDOUS cystic breakout! I got back on Diane the fastest I could and eventually my skin settled down. I had post acne hyper pigmentation for a short while but I cured it with Mama Lotion and supplements like zinc and vitamin E. This however was a turning point in my skin, as once I went off the Diane in spite of getting back on it with only a 2 month break , my skin NEVER went back to normal. After 3 years of hardly ever breaking out, my skin became volatile and my battle with acne had come with a vengeance. I could no longer take decent, kind of clear skin for granted. Think twice before taking BC pills for acne because there are some pretty serious long term effects, however, there is no doubt that they do clear up skin and for some of us that is the most important thing.

In the middle when my skin was pretty bad, I had a derm/ cosmetologist who prescribed me lots of different cosmetic procedures- Salicyclic peels, Lactic Acid peels, Microdermabrasion, Spot peels to clear up big cysts. They helped temporarily, but then got worse which then made me go back for more and honestly it was the worst phase of it all. I spent thousands and it was only when I weaned myself of the vicious cycle did I realize how bad it all is for your skin and how cosmetologists should be stayed away from atleast when you have active acne! My skin got better just using natural remedies, vitamins, water, exercise. DO NOT listen to cosmetologists who say they are derms because all they really care about is making money off the various procedures they offer.

Last year in june when my skin became too much to handle, I was diagnosed with Poly cystic ovaries for which I took homeopathy. I also met an endocrinologist who put me on Anti Androgen medication called Cytomid 250 mg a day .Around the same time I was diagnosed as being Hypo Thyroid for which I take 100 mg thyrox a day and it is under control. Its sad to have all these bizarre medical conditions at my age and I strongly believe that all of these factors coupled with a high stress personality have led to my volatile skin. For any of you, you have not considered checking out your hormones, please go to a good endocrinologist and check your hormones ( FT4, TSH, DHT, SGOT,SGPT)

I started all the medications and miraculously after 2 years of intermittent breaking out at the most important of times ( holidays, job interviews, the list goes on) I was finally clear for 6 months! I started all the medication in June and I was getting married end of November and I can honestly say that it was nothing short of a miracle that for the first time since my first round of Diane, I hadn't broken out in a span of six months! Even through my wedding which was probably the most high stress period of my life! I went on my honey moon and even there NO BREAKOUTS! Then I got complacent and stopped the Cytomid. My skin slowly started breaking out again..nothing too serious so I didn't freak out and didn't attribute it to anything except just my skin being itself ( irritable, temperamental).

I should say that I am obsessed with clear skin like the way people like money and cars. OBSESSED. So even with a few breakouts , I found myself a NEW derm in hopes that he would suggest some miracle cure for me. He put me on a form of accutane without telling me and I took it thinking it was some antibiotic. This is probably the most stupid thing I have ever done because I usually read and research everything before using it. Only on day 3, when my skin started breaking out in huge painful cysts did I realize something was up. That was the start of a bad bout of acne. I didn't leave the house for days and walked around the house looking sad, crusty and homeless. I cleared it up using organic honey and a combination of other home remedies. It took forever and I had marks to start getting rid of all over again.

UGH!!! These periods are just too much to handle for myself and everyone around me. I am grumpy and depressed and refuse to leave the house. I make excuses from social events and if I do have to go I am constantly obsessed with my face. It is NOT healthy.

3 weeks ago I broke out again and this time I went back to my endocrinologist. It was only then that I realized that while I was taking everything ( Birth control, Homeopathy, Thyroid Meds)but I was no longer taking Anti Androgen which I really needed to. He put me back on it and said my skin would be normal in 6 weeks.I feel confident that this will help, but I want great skin and I want to be free of this acne cycle so I kept looking. Besides I had a ton of active acne to treat. I came across The Regimen and was encouraged by all the reviews and ordered the products ready to have a life free of acne.

When I started The Regimen I had about 4 pimples ( 1 cystic) on one side and a chin full of never experienced before under the skin blackhead/ bumps! I was also on antibiotics. The combination of the BP and the antibiotics did do quite a remarkable job of clearing up the stubborn cystic acne and hence I was encouraged. I had a few good days where in spite of the redness and itching, I was wearing mineral makeup and everything was looking pretty decent.

Now at week 3, I have one large stubborn cystic pimple on left and 2 stubborn cystic pimples on the right! They are a strange variety, sort of pussy but headless. They don't seem to be budging for the past week and last night I even spot treated them with AHA as Dan recommends. I also got a painful chin pimple which seems to be a cluster of pimples a kind I have never experienced before! and 2 new pimples on either side of my my mouth!!!! It seems like the situation is pretty much worse than what I started with. I know everyone on The Regimen says that waiting it out is absolutely integral. My question is-

Is The Regimen for people with severe acne and do I risk making my moderate acne worse by using this? Am I just freaking out and is it completely normal to break out in weird, never had before acne? I am starting a new job next week which requires me to be in contact with people constantly and just need to know that I am on the road to recovery not making matters worse.

I am sorry for writing such a long post . I hope it is not seen as a self absorbed ramble about myself! It is partly venting I admit, but I have also shared my experiences with the intent to help someone out there.

THANK YOU So much for reading this I would really appreciate any help..

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Hi, I totally can feel for you... I am obsessed with my skin and if I even have one or two pimples I obsess and won't leave the house. I won't even let my family or boyfriend see me with acne. I have been dealing with it forever and I skipped so many days of highschool and college because of acne. I am a big perfectionist and I will always be. So anywayz when I started the regimen, it got alot worse before it got better. I never break out on my forehead, chin or around my mouth and after about a week of the regimen I broke out with deep terrible pimples all over my forehead, chin, and all over my mouth.. just between me and you it seriously looked like I had the worse case of herpes all over my face and mouth. (Which I def don't, I am abstinent.. lol) So I totally get what your feeling. Even though all this was going on I stuck with it because I figured it was worth a try. I have tried everythinggggg.. I have spent so much money at the derm and I figured I could give this the summer and see what happens... I am very glad that I stuck it out because even though I still have healing spots, red marks, and purging and minor pimples it feels more controlled than it ever has in my life. If you don't believe me, read my regimen log, all you gotta do is click on my picture in the corner and go to my posts and it is called "my adventure on the regimen". There are pics and everything. Hope this helped a little. Let me know what happens! :)

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Thanks for the encouragement!

I just went through your log and your progress is remarkable :) Just a few light marks here and there and the quality of your skin is super! congratulations :)

It sounds like you are like me for sure, I pick and obsess way tooooo much. In fact I just pricked 3 whiteheads!!! ugh it didn't help too much but i had to..

I am on end of week 4 and there has been progress though very slow and I am still breaking out. I too keep picturing myself free of makeup, on the beach, leading my life without the stress of acne :)

Your skin cleared up pretty fast too I have to say!!! good job on staying strong and not wearing makeup

I hope my recovery also speeds up at this point! will keep you updated :)

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No problem, when I see somebody that I can relate to, I feel like we should encourage eachother to make it to our goal of clear skin.. lol When I took that first picture I felt so disgusting and I just wanted to crawl under a rock and stay there forever. And don't feel bad.. Yesterday things were starting to dry up and then I looked in the mirror and there were two more red bumps popping up and I was like "What!" lol and that happened in the matter of hours... Especially cause I am on week 7, but I guess all this will happen, I will still have breakouts and eventually my skin will be officially acne free...and it does feel like it takes FOREVER... it is a total waiting game... TTYL!


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