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Hey guys. Maybe one of you can give me some thoughts on this? Part of my daily routine is getting up in the morning, washing my face, putting on BP and then moisturizing (Dan's basic regimen). Now, the problem is when I moisturize. I use the Cetaphil moisturizing lotion, which works great, except one simple detail - it basically leaves a thick white mask over my face which takes over an hour to fully dry.

Now, my problem is that during this time, I can't do anything outside the house until it's dried. This causes trouble when I have things to do in the morning, like school or work. So to compensate for this I'm more or less forced to wake up several hours before I'm due to head off just so I can sit there and let my face slowly dry. Now, you'd think I could just switch moisturizer, but there are some issues with this. First of all, my skin gets REALLY dry, really easily, which means that only certain types of moisturizers will do for me (Cetaphil being the best I've tried yet). Second of all, there seems to be an overwhelming shortage of transparent creams you can use, and the ones I've tried aren't nearly as good at moisturizing as the Cetaphil lotion is.

Any handy tricks or hints you can give me? Maybe just use less of the cream, combine it with something... change my day/night routine? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Maybe use less and combine it with aloe vera gel. I use the one from fruit of the earth. It's like 4 bucks for a big bottle

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