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Hello everybody,

So, I'm a 26 yo guy, chronical acne sufferer, since my 15th birthday. Been on Accutane twice, then started BP regimen. BP kept my skin clear of inflammed acne however after 1 year of use, my skin is a mess of comedoes + retentional acne. Skin was critically dry too.

My derm prescribed me :

- Retin-A Cream Form (french equivalent, Ketrel, 0,05%)

- Eucerin Aquasporin Light Active moisturizer (love it)

- La Roche Posay Effaclar cleanser

I am not going without any weapons into a retinoid treatment. I know I will breakout :

- I got a corrector pen for rednesss

- Some acne-specific concealer (not very manly but I need it for my work

- Cicalfate (an antibacterial cream that helps with scars and scabs, magical & non comedogenic)

- Some AHA+BHA combo spot treatment in case of bad breakou

- Kiehl's Deep Pore Cleansing white clay mask

- St John Wort for initial breakout anxiety

- Zinc (30 mg a day)

Okay, so here is what I noticed :

Started May, 24th :

* Days 0 to 7 (W1) :

- Not much changes

- At the end of the week, skin become more oily on the T-Zone (high temperatures don't help)

* Days 7 to 14 (W2) :

- Skin is more and more oily

- Complexion seems to be more even than with BP : less red marks

- No peeling or adverse affects, or very little

- Breaking out on the lips area : the dread IB is coming, but the spots heal very fast ! (they come overnight, small white pustules, and the next day are off)

* Days 14 to 21 (W3) :

- Skin becomes more and more even toned

- Skin is smoother !

- Only 2 pimples formed

- Skin is oily, very oily.

- Some mornings, I got peeling

- Some redness (under the nose, on the cheeks)

* Day 25 : today - middle of W4

Well, the dreaded IB is now here. I woke up yesterday with 7 new zits, small pustules and some papules, and some redness. Very hard emotionnally because they are located in the right cheek + right side of chin, worst breakout I had in 1 year now.

As I am stupid, I blasted some of them, which left me with scabs. Scabs are healing slowly. Situation seems to be quite under control right now but I am expecting more dramatic breakout during the next weeks.

I am now conscious that this will be a long & hard ride...

Surprisingly, my nose seems to have less blackheads than at the beginning, but nothing dramatic here...

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Day 26 :

I woke up with not real active spot or pimple. The old ones are drying out. 2 of them, under my nose, are totally dry but my skin is peeling very badly there (large flakes of skin going off...)

Two spots next to my mouth are drying too.

Lots of small spots (supposedly whiteheads) emerged on the right side of my mouth : left side is very smooth and clean, but right one is in a bad shape...

Blah, I hope this breakout will be under control in a few days...

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Day 33...

I am approching the end of week 5 and I got a breakout today... Sunday I was at the sun without protection. Today I got 3 pimples on my cheek... The other breakouts are clearing. However something new appeared : the blackheads on my nose are feeling... just huge.It seems that in 1 week, I have been invaded by blackheads.

This is frustrating. I try to keep cool about it but man... it's hard. Seriously a hard ride.

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Day 35 here. Week 5 ended.

Well I got a big pimple on my cheek. Big & very painful one. Did not do the check but was freaking out yesterday because I may have 4 or 5 active pustules. I don't even know if they are acne or staph infected folliculitis ? (acne is usually painless, the one on the cheek hurts and is not big like a cyst)

Btw, had a hard night, sleep bad, feel bad this morning overall.

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Day 36


Still have 1 big pimple (red and somehow flat, less and less painful) and 1 another on red cheek. Mouth area still breaking out. Overall no "big" new inflammed pimple, but some more very small pustules appearing.

I had a bad night (nearly no sleep)... That did not help because today my skin is looking really messy, lots of blackheads everyhwere around the nose. I hope it kicks in soon (and I expect it to do so :P )

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Forehead today : http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/forehead3006.php

Mouth & Chin Today : http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/mouthchin3006.php

Left side : http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/leftside3006.php

Right side : http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/rightside3006.php

Pic were taken at woke up

As you can witness, my skin is looking great today, here is the report :

- Forehead : clear of inflammatory acne, some blackheads

- Nose : full of blackheads, nothing to add

- Left side : 1 very very small active pustule (invisible for 99% of people but me and perhaps girlfriend) + 1 healing small papule

- Right side : 1 big pimple, slowly improving... it will take time + 1 nasty pustule just over it that looks dirty (white pus with a black dot in the middle) but healing

- Mouth : 1 huge pustule on right side. Appeared on the spot of an old pimple...

- Chin : some flakiness, some bumps, same old same but nothing dirty

Overall complexion is GREAT today and skin is mega smooth

Trouble zones : right side (always fearing a huge flare up of inflammatory acne), nose "wings" : they are easily reddened

Oiliness : oily skin but still fair compared to other days

Thx to the followers

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Day 39 :

Zit on the lip "exploded" saturday afternoon. However it is reinflammating right now. This one is tough. It evolved into a pustule like 1 month ago, then got away, then came back, etc...

I have not shaved for days, so maybe beard is hiding some problems, however it seems my skin is still improving.

Oily skin concern is managed at the moment by using lessp roduct and a matifier moisturizer at day

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Well... Shitty evening

My skin looks again like shit tonight. I trimmed the beard and discovered a new zit which looks a lot like the other one on the right side. I am considering this is a staph infection rather than acne because :

- it s painful

- it appears out of nowhere (no comedones etc)

- it s far more red than other acne lesions

The other "big one" on the right side is also having a hard time healing. It does not evolve as pustule and is flat with a very very red color.

Other than that, I m nearly clear but they do really have an impact on my skin...

Edit : in fact, I ate at McDonalds yesterday. I had the hardest time ever to digest the thing. Today, one spot. Could be very much linked.

Edited by Safinator

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Day 41

Week 6 is coming to an end and I still have a "big 3" spots on the right side : one is slowly healing but very slowly, I don't see the "drying" effect anymore. The other one is less painful than the days before. And I got the chin one which was painful yesterday but ok today.

One new appeared today on forehead. Maybe it was here but don't know.

What can I say...

My skin is very clear from far. And it sucks at close distance. Nothing to add. Blackheads, rough aspect, etc... It s due to the heat peak those last 2 days (30°C) probably + McDonald's. I ate McDonalds yesterday to "test" and today new spots appeared. I m pretty sure it s linked. But it s linked to that fucking heat too, I had to wear a suit and it sucked.

Blackheads are still proliferating on nose and nose wings.

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Day 46

Good point : my mind evolved very good.

My skin, from 1m50 distance, looks like a baby skin. Very nice complexion, no PIH, very "breathing", no keratosis.

However, I still get 4 or 5 pimples / marks on the right side. A new appeared today. Not a surprise : I had a weekend where I ate 2,5 pîzzas + mcdonalds in a weekend + high GI foods.

Now I feel my intestine is "upset" due to this and I m pretty sure this is the cause of new pimple. I also got some fever and a cold today due to clim, so...

However the general aspect of my skin is improving. That's a big move.

I m still continuing because I m sure this is a good thing for me. I think about adding BHA in the mix (from Paula's Choice recommandation) at the morning. 1% to start, probably.

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Day 47 : performed a "close look" and had a gastro intestinal disease. Well skin looked bad. I shaved completely.

I have 2 active spots on the chin and 2 / 3 on the right side. They have been here for a long time and retin-a seems to have no effect on them... That s quite bothering me. I ate pizza & bullshit so maybe that's this. They are easy to hide but...

Thursday I will be at the end of week 7. I see a noticeable improvement on nose skin texture but overall skin texture is not so great improved.

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