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Can;t get rid of these on my forehead!

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OK, my face is clear. I get small white heads every once in a while but I don't mind those. The only thing left that's driving me mad is my forehead! It's covered in these little flesh colored bumps! You can hardly see them, but that's not the problem. Occasionally, they turn into red bumps that you can see and take a while to go away.

I'm currently saturating my face with BP 10% twice a day but am not seeing any results on it. I know a major problem is my long hair (it goes down past my nose all around my head) but I don't want to cut it! I wash my hair with shampoo and condition twice a day so it's not that greasy, which could cause the problem. Any solutions or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks ^_^.

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i have the same problem, my hiar isnt long eyt i have these flesh colored bumos on forehead. im dying to get rid of these. anyadvice anyone????

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This may sound wierd, but I talked to a friend of mine who is an esthetician, and she was taught that acne on the forehead can be a sign of chemical build up in the body, caused mostly by caffiene, alcohol or niccotine.. Soo... knowing that I was drinking 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day and that my forehead was giving me a pain in the arse, I tried quitting caffiene..... and lo and behold my forehead cleared up! That was in July and has stayed clear since then. Lately I've tried to have a cup or two of coffee every once in a while and a few days later I'll break out again.

I can't say that this applies to everyone's forehead breakouts, but it did for me. At first I thought it was just my imagination that it worked, but I really don't think so.

Other tips she gave me which seem to help a lot: Drink lots of decaf Green Tea because it's such a great anti-oxident, and Omega 3 6 and 9 oils are really good for the skin.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the link and tips! I'll have to check that out on the shampoo I use. I'm pretty sure it's caffiene in my case since I don't drink any. Could be the alcohol, but I only drink that on the weekends and in small amounts. Same with cigerettes. So I'll check the shampoo out and I think I'll pick up some green tea, too!

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Lordy am I glad I found this thread. eusa_dance.gif

Is there any hair gel that doesnt have panthenol? Im looking all over but cant find any, seems to be really common. I just bought some nice American Crew gel and its causing me crazy break outs on my forehead.

I couldnt figure it out, the regime was working PERFECTLY for what was my problem area. At the same time I started the regime I started having my hair longer and on my forehead. So I was breaking out, and was wondering how the regime worked so well on my problem area, but seeming created a new one.

Oh well I will cut out panthenol.

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