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Ramp up dosage on 10%bp

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i really wouldn't use an excessive ammount of layered 10 % bp, i have 5% bp mary kay acne gel which i use to spot treat, once i used it for a week or so and it left my skin EXCESSIVELY bleached, not dry or anything. Benzoyl peroxide is a bleaching oxidant, i have shirt's to prove it, but if you can use this much without your skin tone / complexion taking a hit then power to you man?

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i've been using 10 % pch for about a year. no problems at all! Though don't use it only for spots. that will help a bit but BP is more a preventing cream. Its better to use it on large areas so that spots don't get obvious. WHen the acne has subsided or you get accutane then you can use an ointment to oil it up. But i can't use oilly skin right now, when it gets oily it will get zits on it. So i need to use bp everyday

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ive been using 10%bp for a LONG time and im just saying from personal experience. if you know your skin can handle the maximum % for bp (10%) ramp up the dosage slowly. if my skin was that of a normal persons the amount of 10% bp i put on at night would murder my skin. currently i apply 1 layer to cover the complete face overnight and apply a 2nd layer to really troubled spots. i dont notice anything bad besides the little spot treatments i do to the small acne spots around my neck-jaw area.

one thing about using bp forawhile i notice is my face gets red easily. during the school day i use stridex wipe pad to get the oil off my face (my face gets so oily) and i notice after i use it my face is hot red (not really but redder than usual) i wait in the restroom a couple of minutes for it to mellow down. also sometimes i notice that my face is pale'er than other parts of my body thats tanned.

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