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Mild Acne combined with Scarring/Redness/Freckles

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I have had acne since i was 14.. and I am now 19.. I have mostly body acne and stuff. Only a few small acne bumps.. that are pretty much insignificant to me. I have tried a ton of treatments... from Stridex pads and Proactiv.. Nothing seemed to work. Only thing that helped get rid of the real big pimples was Vitamin E oil at 20,000 IU. I was even thinking about trying out b5.

I have picked a bunch of pimples since I've had acne.. and I have gotten what I think are blemishes or scars, but not entirely sure. I do have one shallow scar on my cheek that looks sort of like a small crater. I also have freckles from sun damage. I was wondering, like I have read endless posts/articles/routines.. about getting rid of acne and scars. Feels like information overload. But it seems to me.. chemical peels are the most effective at getting rid of scarring and redness. But I think you're suppose to get rid of acne first, although I don't think thats possible to stop it 100%. I've also seen some puredeming gel that helps that I guess.. and also some Lamp with blue and red light thats supposingly effective, but who knows.

Now I don't have a big budget to spent on acne. Maybe $200-300 at the most. I was thinking of ordering like a month's supply of b5 for $50 every month. And then taking action to get rid of the existing acne. I guess bp gel is supposed to be effective and stuff. But what i'm wondering if.. which chemical peel that i can use at home.. will get rid of most redness or blemishes? Also can I use the same stuff for my body or do I have to use something else?

I'll post some pictures with my digital camera so hopefully someone can work with me to work out a good strategy.. Thanks a lot smile.gif

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Hi, b5 or other expensive vitamins will not help anything; please don't waste your money on them. You really should use products that are best at doing the one thing: acne or red marks. Peels can actually help with both, but you would not want to do daily peels or any fruit acids, even if they were very mild. The body is different and you should not use the same treatments. Confused yet? You should try a 10% benzoyl peroxide wash for the body, and a 2.5% BP for the face, followed by a good moisturizer with sunscreen if you’re going outdoors at all. That’s really the jist of what will work for most people. There is great info about red marks and more in the FAQ at the top of the main pages. Bonsoir

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Ok, well the thing is.. I think using b5 to elminate a lot of oil on my skin will help dry a lot of pimples and have an effect similiar to accutane. I'm not sure if a bp wash will have the same effect. I have tried applying it a lot (face, body.. )

The few things that do make sense to me so far.. are chemical peels for red marks.. but i'm not sure of which peel to try since I do not have a history with chemical peeling, so where should I start? My skin isn't that sensitive.. been using all kinds of medication for years.. Don't want to waste my money and stuff. I want an effective one though. I figure if I can use that to get rid of most red marks on my face.. then that would be the ideal solution for me right now. A chemical peel like.. gets rid of the outer layer.. that would probably make some bigger pimples really small too..

The other thing I'm thinking of trying is.. Apple Cider Vinegar. on my face.. It has good effects.. on your scalp too if you have dandruff. Very interesting. Right now I have.. white distilled vinegar. is that just as effective?

I'm more focused on getting rid of red marks... or hyperpigmentation..

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Hi, the most effective thing for red marks is said to be a product with 2-4% hydroquinone. A series of 30% or less glycolic acid is also good, that's what I just got in the mail today. biggrin.gif I don't have red marks though, just blotchy skin. Lactic acid is also good but it's very mild so requires more patience. B5 will absolutely NOT

have an effect similiar to accutane.
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B5 does work because its currently working for me and alot of other people. It is expensive though. (reduced oil production to stop acne) it could work indirectly for red marks by stopping you getting more acne and thus red marks. It has a lot of skin vitamins in, well the brand i take anyway and ive never looked better.

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Sick skin. I have seen B5 discussions on the web. It inhibits the production of sebum? You have found it to work well? That's good. I was thinking about taking it, especially if it works for redness.

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Yeah, should I go with a 30% glycolic peel.. or try something stronger like a 35 or 40%.? I have never done any peeling before though.. But I want something strong..

Btw.. the people that use b5.. and have pimples on their back/shoulders/chest.. do the pimples dry and peel off?

Heres what I am thinking.. for my routine

Use apple cider vinegar daily..

Get a glycolic acid peel (30%+) but do not use with vinegar I assume

Buy some b5.. powder for cheap. help with overall oil reduction

Get a benzoly perioxide 10% wash bar.. to help with body acne too..

Any thoughts? Now I just need to find the cheapest b5.. think i'll get the powder because I read you only take 3 teaspoons.. popping pills gets confusing..

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So which peel do you guys think is the best to start out with? I want a peel that isn't too intense.. because I haven't done ANY chemical peeling before.. But I also want one that will reduce redness somewhat.. glycolic acid seems the best because you can move up.. 30% to 35%.. and so on. But what is the best kind to start with? If 30% does like nothing, it'll be like a waste of money.. ;(

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Ok, I really want to get one of those chemical peels. But I have 2 questions.

1. Which chemical peel is the best to start out with? I have combination skin, not too oily but not too dry.

2. Do I need to get some of that Copper Peptide stuff to go with it?

Got to go to work now, hope to order one of those chemical peels soon. I read 30% glycolic is supposed to be good and I read that from the Acne Cure book. Please any replies will be appreciated.. Thanks smile.gif

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Just out of curiousity what would be a good chemical peel routine that progresses over time.

for example.. something like this..

1) start off with lactic acid peel 40%

2) move to 55% lactic acid pele

3) move to 30% glycolic acid peel..

4) move to 40% glycolic acid peel..

5) move to 50% glycolic acid peel

6) move to 60% glycolic acid peel

7) move to 65% glycolic acid peel

8) move on to TCA peels if not satisfied..

like would this be the idea routine for a beginner trying to get rid of pigment problems. and scarring.. blemishes.. Or can I skip steps.. But I want to have good new skin.. not problems with new skin..

However, I know its important to not jump.. too fast to high potency peels.. like 40% to 65% or something.. But what if taking like a 40% lactic acid peel is unnecessary and I get better results with a 55% one or something. Some of these peels cost like.. $30-40 .. if i got all the treatments up to 65% glycolic acid.. thats like.. almost $300.. in treatments.. May not be a lot to some people though.. I'm just saying can i use the 55% lactic acid peel instead of like 40%.. ?

Also.. makeupartistschoice.. sell them in 1/2 oz botters... or 1 oz.. or 2 oz bottles.. 1 oz is ok.. right? it says 20 peels i believe.. not bad..

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Well.. as promised.. heres the picture.. of my skin.. i focused mostly on the problem areas.. there are most blemishes.. on my lower chin. but their not as serious...most people will probably think its not that bad.. but I think it is.. on the upper right is one of the shallow type scars.. indented I guess? i don't know exactly what its called.. its just sunk in the skin a little.

So my question is.. what are the best measures to treat this.. to get a uniform complexion.. I don't want this redness.. ;( What I really need help with.. if chemical peels can help me.. what is the one to start with.. that will be effective but not harmful to my skin.. I'm still trying to educate myself on this peeling stuff. by reading threads..

user posted image

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Its a waste of time having chemical peels etc if ur skin is still acne prone simply because once u had a clear spell and got it done, u could have a massive breakout afterwards and be back to square one and you don`t want to end up like michael jackson do u?

And besides, from your picture it still looks like u have some active acne!

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are blemishes considered acne too? Because those like never go away :o

On the right side of the picture.. the surface is all flat.. but the left side.. theres like 2-3 pimples that raise up a little.. One time when I had a lot of big pimples.. I just put vitamin E oil.. on them. and they came off.. Was kind of cool hehe.. I've been trying to use apple cider vinegar because its an exfoliant.. Hoping that helps...

What confuses me though if everyone keeps saying.. get rid of acne before you try chemical peels.. I don't think theres anyway I can get rid of all my blemishes and bumps 100%.. Also i don't think newly formed pimples would scar.. because I wouldn't pick at them at all...

Would taking b5 help?.. I hear most people don't break out when they use b5

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My suggestion is to treat your acne before treating anything else such as redness. There are many, many ways of treating acne. You might check out the general acne forum for some suggestions.

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