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Rash Cluster And Redness (Pics) Help Me Make It Better

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Hello, I have had acne problems before but Ive managed it on my own by changing to natural products and diet changes.

Manuka honey cleared me up wonderfully and I now use it as my regular face wash and mask. Ive also started using jojoba oil and its working great. I have oily skin and the jojoba oil is helping to regulate it. In the last six months the sides of my face and down my cheek area have been persistently red and bumpy. I thought I was having a reaction to the kind of tinted Moisterizer(makeup) so I stopped using it. It went down but its still not all healed. I started wonering if it was realted to my diet. I had never been a big fan of milk so cutting dairy out of my diet was easy. I drink almond milk sometimes with cereal and yogurt/kefir. I also realized I might have a candida overgrowth situation. I pretty much self diagnosed based off of symptoms and other peoples experiences. I started doing a cleanse and was only eating the food allowed on the candida cleanse diet. Ive also started taking probiotics. My diet is good. No junk food and I try to eat as natural and organic as possible. The bumps on my cheeks are red and look rashy. Sometimes my face feels itchy. They dont come to a head or go away =-(

Ive tried my best natural products and techniques and its not helping.

I change my pillow covers every other day. I use natural shampoo so my hair doesnt irritate my face or anything. I am becoming a little frustrated because I dont see progress with my diet change. I dont know what else to do. If you have any idea what this could be or have had acne that looks like this please reply with suggestions/advice. Also, its worse on my right side.

List of products I use:

Manuka honey-I get it from whole foods

Jojoba oil-HIgh on health online store

baking soda-for exfoliating three times a week

sunscreen-Live live product from New york

green clay mask-high on health online store

organic lavender oil-a few drops mixed into jojoba oilpost-177454-0-50763000-1339688988_thumb.post-177454-0-08386800-1339688997_thumb.post-177454-0-72176700-1339689004_thumb.post-177454-0-59603600-1339689011_thumb.post-177454-0-53699300-1339689020_thumb.






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Even though all of the ingredients you use are natural, maybe something about them being used together is the problem. How about eliminating one and seeing if it makes a difference? The lavendar oil and jojoba oil were the first things that came to mind. I've read on this forum that jojoba is a problem for some people. Not sure about the lavender Do you use that just for fragrance or does it have skin healing properties?

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Hello gingergirl22! Thank you for responding =-)

What you're saying about using too many products is VERY interesting. I have been known to use too many products. Before it was chemical ones, and now I guess Im doing the same thing with natural ones =-( I didn't realize this until recently. I just felt I could use whatever I wanted because they are natural.

I have heard about the purging process people go thru when they first start using jojoba. I went thru that too, I got whiteheads and stuff from my skin getting rid of so much gunk. BUT, my face started looking like this BEFORE I started using the jojoba oil and lavender. It was actually a big reason why i just went for it and started using jojoba and lavender. And yes, lavender oil has healing properties for active acne and has been known to heal acne scars. It just also happens to smell great. Today, my face looks only a little better. I stopped drinking yogurt and I started drinking YOGI liver detox tea as it was recommended to me by my pharmacist. He prefers using natural stuff first. Then, I went to the doctor to have a food allergy test done. They took blood, and I will get results by the end of this week. I suspect dairy. I have not been able to let go of cheese. What do you suggest I do now?

Jojoba oil is such a beautiful moisturizer, I don't know if I want to stop using it as the rash area is bumpy, itchy sometimes and dry looking. I have aloe vera on my face as I type because it was so itchy today. What do you suggest I do next? I am SO tempted to just stop using everything and see how my skin does on its own. The people I know with the best skin don't use anything. have you seen someone who uses jojoba oil look like this? Its only on my cheeks and I use jojoba all over my face.

Thank you so much for responding and any more comments, suggestions, questions, are more than welcome!! I will update when I get the results of my food allergy test.

***Also, i said in the original post that the red spots DIDNT come to a head, but upon further inspection some of them do come to a small white head, it heals, the head goes away but the RED SPOT remains on my face.***

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Have you seen the green tea toner thread? You may want to try JUST using the toner - nothing else. It is very soothing to most people who have tried it. Also, make sure there isn't any detergent lurking in your pillowcases. If you sleep on your side and the pillowcase is touching your face, it could cause irritation and rash if they haven't been rinsed thoroughly.

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