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Galeo Deus

Dan's regimen isn't working--help please

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Okay. I apologize in advance for this long post, but I will keep it as objective as possible, and skip all the "woe is me" complaints that I could easily write for pages.

I would love any help that people would be willing to give, but PLEASE read my WHOLE post before attempting to help me out. I hate it when people read the first three sentences or something, then posts something irrelevant.

I started Dan's regimen at the end of August. It is now the end of September. To put it bluntly I see no less zits now then I did then.

Let me clarify something: I followed his directions to a "T", with the exception I started with the full dosage (just like I thought, my skin handled it fine).

Following his regimen, I got one positive result--this massive amount of BP cut my oil production on the applied area (my whole face) by about 80%. This is great, as I have naturally overly oily skin, but this did NOT translate into any less zits.

I would categorize my acne as nearly always a "moderate" case. I.e., 95% whiteheads, 3% blackheads, 2% cysts. My condition is bad enough that it is veeeery noticeable, but not so bad that you look at me and want to puke. I have, at any given time, about 30 active blemishes, mostly smallish red marks that are the remains of whiteheads.

BTW, I have been to many dermatologists in my life, and mostly it's been a waste of time and money. I'm only posting my life's pimple history because I am desperate, but I really don't expect anyone to read this, lol.


Now for the questions/observations/cries for help:

1) When I was about 16 (I'm 20 now) I was put on accutaine. This, just like the massive doses of Dan's BP, dried my face out and got rid of most of my oil. However, even after EIGHT months of accutaine, I was only about 10% clear. In other words, the "miracle" drug did close to nothing.

Dan has mentioned that when on accutaine, he got clear, and then when he got off, broke out again. When he came up with his BP regimen, he got clear again. I'm thinking that because accutaine never cleared me (all it does, afaik, is kill your oil pores) Dan's regimen will never help me either.

2) I have used, over the years, basically everything OTC, chemical or natural, internal or topical. NOTHING I have EVER used has given me ANY reason to believe that it had a positive influence on my face in terms of the prevention of acne. (For example, tea tree oil helps blemishes heal faster, cinnamon extract helps the redness reduce, etc.)

Please not, I am not a moron and think that any of the things that I bought would work overnight. For example I was on Proactiv for 2 months before giving up on that, I was using Zened Derma Cleanse system for a month and a half before trashing that, I was consuming massive amounts of B5, B4, Neem, Chaste Tree, MSM, etc for many months before taking that out of my diet.

Of course, it is very disheartening to know that my face will be practically the exact same if all I do is wash it 2 times a day with hand soap or if I spend $150 on it a month.

3) Like I said before, almost all my zits I get are whiteheads. When I see a whitehead, I wash my hands with antibacterial soap and GENTLY squeeze it until all the white puss is out. I stop as soon as I see clear liquid or blood. On the average I get 2 - 6 new whiteheads in a 24 hour period.

Now, while that's not too unusual for a moderate case of acne, I don't know if this is: typically my zits turn into whiteheads multiple times before finally going away. In other words, something I kill that morning will be back to haunt me by that evening, just as white and puss-filled (sometimes worse) that it was before.

Because of this fact, I am thinking that logically my problem has nothing to do with bacteria in clogged pores. I am so clean and I never touch my face, yet these zits fill up with puss and become whiteheads multiple times in their miserable lives. In other words I am thinking this is why BP, SA, AHA, Accutaine, etc did either nothing or almost nothing for me.

Correct me if my logic is wrong, but I think in general (and specifically cases like me where everything available does nothing) people have a misconception of what whiteheads, and maybe even acne in general, is. If they were nothing more than clogged pores infected with bacteria, then all anyone would need to do is wash with antibacterial soap a few times a day, and they will never get whiteheads again, right?

4) I also have done ALL sorts of combos of meds. For example, for the lest few days I have been doing Dan's regimen + tea tree oil wash + glycolic acid + salacylic acid (my face handles all that fine, no redness or anything, just a little drying). However, invariably, a couple times a day and every morning I see a few whiteheads staring at me, either new ones or regenerated ones.

So a combination of "known fighters" of acne helps me not at all.

5) This is probably the most interesting thing of all. A few months ago, after researching a ton acne related stuff (I do that a lot), I decided to see if diet effected acne. Some people insist that diet has nothing to do with it, some stay 100% clear as long as they don't eat certain foods.

Because of so many conflicting opinions even within the people that say diet is everything, I compiled a (very short) list of the foods that everyone agrees does not cause them acne.

What I did was take one weekend where I wasn't really doing anything (something rare for me) and survived on nothing but water, fruit, and veggies.

Here's the real kicker. By Sunday morning I was 90% clear, only a few lingering red marks from previous whiteheads.

The problem is that, while on that diet, I had basically no energy whatsoever. I work out every day and am a very dedicated athlete and coach, so having no energy is not an option. I will NOT give up being active and eating almost nothing just to have a clear face.

I am living proof that whatever that white puss is is not caused by infected pores or bacteria. It comes from within.


That's all I can think of. I am basically at a total loss at what to do. I don't have the foggiest clue what I can try next.

I would be most grateful for any thoughts/comments/suggestions.

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It sounds like changing your diet is the best long term goal for you. I dont blame you for not having any energy when youre only eating veggies and fruit. In my opinion, theres nothing wrong with eating lean meat especially fish. I eat a lot of fish, white meat chickn, and eggs. The only thing I avoid is sugar and simple carbs like white bread and processed foods....pasta...etc. Its kinda like the atkins diet but I still eat oatmeal and whole wheat bread. Its not too hard to keep up. I'm not completely clear but the couple zits I get are easily covered with makeup.

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Well in my opinion I'm having the same problem. But, I don't worry about the zits cause' I know I get them when I'm in my menstrual cycle. My boyfriend use to have severe acne. And he's face got clear when he started working and being more independent. I think that took is toll on him. Now he has a good complexion. Sometimes, his face gets red cause' on the sun.

Anyways, I think you shouldn't mixed to many treatments together. Cause' you might get treatment overload try to take it easy in the morning and treat your face at night. You should try to do other activities during the day and drink lots of water. Also, eat right. And just be happy. Right now I'm doing that and it works. I usually lay on my bed and think about nothing. Just stayed at ease and it will work. Stress free eviroment could make your skin better. This just is just my opinion. eusa_dance.gif

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I just thought I'd mention that some people on these forums have taken 2-3 months to see improvement with Dan's regimen.

Your acne seems a little like mine, where you've tried all these products yet the result is very hard to notice, if at all.

I was on Dan's regimen for 3 months, and then dropped it due to being discouraged, partly because I still got 1 or 2 whiteheads every couple days. Then, I tried the "do nothing" approach and I remembered how my face was before the regimen. My nose, especially, was getting a bunch of inflamed & clogged pores. I now realize that the regimen *did* actually help me, even though I couldn't sustain a clear face for more than a few days at a time.

I am sorry that you are having such a hard time finding something that works for you, but I truly believe there is some combination of products or regimen that you can use to get clear. Don't give up!

Although acne has many factors, it still boils down to either the overproduction of oil which the p. acnes bacteria thrives in, or abormal shedding of the skin. The immune system reacts with inflammation which blocks the release of sebum and forms the clogged pore. I am pretty sure this is the shared viewpoint of many doctors and articles found on the web, and in my experience, is a logical explanation.

Best luck in finding a cure, wink.gif

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Hmmm. Thanks for the replies guys. And thanks for reading such a long-winded mess.

If I can maintain the energy I need eating only fruit, veggies, meats, and eggs, then I will maintain that diet.

I'll have to experiment and see. I'm just so used to having pastas and such for carb boosts. In fact, I have to find high energy complex carbs that are not processed (that will be hard). For example, lettuce or a potato is a complex carb, but has little energy.

Lol. I work out a total like four hours a day, and bike about 5 miles on top of that. Like I said, I guess I'll just have to experiment and see if I maintain the energy.

Oh, and I'll stay on the regimen for a long time yet anyway, because I like how it gets rid of most of my oil. I don't feel like I have to wash my face 10 times a day!

Thanks again.

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I have almost the same sort of skin type as you - except i have less zits...i am 20 now too - i have been using BP for about 3 weeks now - dan told me personally to stick with it for 2-3 months before getitn goff it - which i can ablige because - well 3 months is squat.

In the inital weeks it got worse...and zits did not stop occuring.

The zits now do still come but they are far smaller and last far less, red marks are now an issue - where they wern't before - but it is a non issue as they are faint.

Its also cleared up some of the small white bumps around my mouth and the area between ur eyes above ur nose...

However it hasnt worked completley for me yet...using the regiment i can tell has helped me skin look better, maybe thats just the cleasner/moisteriser tho :-P

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  I stop as soon as I see clear liquid or blood. 

Now, while that's not too unusual for a moderate case of acne, I don't know if this is: typically my zits turn into whiteheads multiple times before finally going away. 

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Very interesting post. I have a few things to say.

Acne is not a clogged pore. Nothing on the surface of your skin really counts. Bacteria that you put on the surface doesn't affect acne. Imagine the pore as a long open straw. For reasons no one understands, the entire straw collapses on itself. Not from the top down. It collapses the entire length. Then the oil can't escape and bacteria grows deep down in the oil.

So...that's what we know about acne.

I would normally tell anyone, and I'll go ahead and include you, to give the regimen 2 full months of strict adherence. You've given it 1 so far. I don't think it's time to stop at all. Please give yourself a chance. My one hesitation is that accutane did not work for you. Accutane worked amazingly well on my acne in the short term. Still I think it's worth giving the regimen a good try.

If you are agreeable to continuing with the regimen for another month or so, before you do so please post another long post regarding what you do morning and evening. Be as complete as you were on the intial post. Leave nothing out. Let us know what you're doing morning and evening and what products you're using. I


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Okay, heres the new system I'm starting today:

Morning: Shower/shave. Wash with natural tea tree oil cleanser. Wait 15 minutes. Apply full amount of BP.

Lunchtime: wash with tea tree oil cleanser.

Night: Wash with natural tea tree oil cleanser. Wait 15 minutes. Apply full amount of BP.

Diet: No dairy, no processed foods (like cereal), no simple carbs (like white bread). This is my experimental diet. I'll see if I can maintain energy. (Hey, if nothing else, it's an excuse to eat even more healthily. All that stuff is bad for you in general.)

I'll keep you guys posted.

Thanks so much again.

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After reading your story, what you have is EXACTLY my delimma, allthough i have cured my face to having 5-10 active pimples at any time and sometimes less. It is however the every morning or evening breakout after going out on the town and whatnot that keeps me in constant battle. I have found myself that the best solution for controlling this acne, i say controlling because i believe this type is INCURABLE by most realistic means, is multiple SA washes ( i like clearisil product's, laugh at me) depending on what your activity in a day is the humidity or just when your face feel's overall shitty. I also time to time use antibacterial dish soap when i am feeling exceptionally oilly.

Also just as a census, i would like to ask you what ethnicity you are - race and direct ancestrial background's, and also i would like to know if you have naturally oily skin.

sorry if im imposing but this type of acne i think is uncommon and seperable from other type's in term's of controlling it. (ie dans is not necessarily ideal.)

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i just finished my 9th week on Dan's regimen and im still having the occasional pimple, meaning i get one every 4 days. Maybe its just cause of your genes\hormones, plus I have an oily face which might contribute to my breakouts.

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I do not have any great advice for you. However, I am an athlete too, and just the fact that you are taking such great care of your heart and body says so much. You sound like a really dedicated person. If you want something you go for it. What sucks is that no matter how hard you try- acne has a mind of its own.

Good luck and I hope things get better.

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Allright, I am significantly clearer now that I've done everything in my regimen that I posted above.

The diet I'm on right now doesn't clear me as much/fast as the fruits and veggies only, but with this diet I still have energy.

So, in only a week and a half, using that regimen has got me about 30 clearer than before. Lets hope that this keeps up.

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I see that you mentioned you took neem internally. I would suggest you boil some neem leaves - take 20-30 leaves and tear them up with your hands and boil in a cup of water. Boil till you see the water become greenish and the aroma of neem arise from it. Then make a poultice of it and apply overnight. You WILL see results soon. I have tried it. It subdues the acne and makes it form a crust which will peel of on its own in a day or two. Try it.

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