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Diet/acne experiments

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I intend to find out if food (and specifically which food) is contributing to my acne.

I know it's probably sugar or fat, so I'm gonna start by eating only raw vegetables and a small amount of nuts/seeds for the first week, starting today at 5. For sandwiches with avocado, I will use healthy bread. The idea is to incorporate other products into the diet one by one, and see if there's a negative reaction.

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That would be great. As for myself I'm allergic to iodine. I took a Multi-vitamin supplement and I broke out. Clueless to say that I didn't read the bottle correctly and I notice it had lots of percentage of iodine. Now, I read the labels on all the can foods. If it cotains onions I don't eat it cause' it has iodine. Best luck on your experiment.

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Unfortunetaly I became hungry today so I ate a shitload of junk food before class. But whatever, it's not like I need to eat it or anything, I've been perfectly fine on just veggies and fruit before. I'll take some nuts with me next time in case I get hungry.

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My diet will consist of the following:




Green leafy veggies


Helathy bread (to hold sanwiches together)

Nuts and seeds



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so far so good, zits are dissapearing. What's wrong with onions? you mean the white round onion or the green leafy? I only eat the green

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