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Fed Up Of This

Papules And Nodules From Regimen?

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Hi Everyone,

So my quick back story - I am 27 years old and have been suffering from acne since I was 14. It was pretty severe in my teen years but cleared up on it's own to a mild case in my twenties. I started the regimen 7 weeks ago and have been pretty patient but I am getting a little discouraged now and am just wondering if anyone else has had the same experiences as me and am really just looking for some encouragement. I had good initial results with clearing but of course terrible dry and peeling skin. My cheeks and forehead have mostly cleared up with the exception of a few odd spots here and there. However, since the first two or three weeks I have been experiencing really deep, painful papules and nodules on my chin alot more than I ever have before. I have to admit that I do pick at my skin and I know this doesn't help but I have picked for a very long time and not experienced quite as many very painful spots before. I am wondering if this is a normal thing to expect on the regimen.

I really am hoping that someone else has experienced a similar thing and come out the other side and can offer some hope because I am just about out of it right now. I am finding this constant roller coaster of hope that I might finally be seeing some improvement and then despair when I realise a couple more, extremely painful spots have formed overnight very difficult. I am very fortunate in that I have a wonderful boyfriend who tries his hardest to support me but he finds it hard to understand the physical and emotional pain this is putting me through. Right now, I really would be happy if the painful spots would stop even if the rest stayed behind because it is even painful to smile at times.

This has been a very self-absorbed post and for that I am sorry - sometimes we all need to feel like someone else understands the pain that you are going through and can offer some advice learned through experience. I really do wish everyone on here the best of luck and perseverance to keep on going and really trying to live your life to the full despite sometimes wanting to hide in bed all day.

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