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Does Dairy really cause acne??

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I am pretty sure that most dermatologists would tell you that dairy DOES NOT cause or aggravate acne. However, whilst there may be a shortage of evidence to suggest links between dairy and acne, there is more evidence to suggest that it may be a good idea avoiding dairy in general.

For instance, dairy food consists of molecules which are quite difficult to digest - many people are 'lactose intolerant' without knowing it - which means they find it impossible to digest dairy.

Whether you are lactose intolerant or not, eating large amount of dairy can put a strain on the digestive functions, and there is also evidence to suggest that dairy products are mucus-forming - thus clogging up the intestinal tract.

Other problems associated with dairy come from the fact that much of it is manufactured through use of hormones and chemicals given to the cows. These hormones, chemicals and antibiotics can have a negative effect on humans through consumption of dairy produce.

While none of this actively proves that dairy CAUSES acne, it may point to the fact that it could well aggravate it. Acne can often be improved by improving digestion and the health of the internal organs, which dairy could impair.

I'm not saying you should avoid dairy for ever, rigidly. You could, however, try a couple of months avoiding it wherever possible and seeing if there is an improvement in your acne.

Of course, if you DO cut out dairy, you will need to replace it with adequate sources of the protein, calcium and vitamin B12 that you are no longer getting from dairy. I use soya products instead of milk, although there has also been some controversy about soya lately. If you cut out dairy, I would advise taking a calcium supplement and increasing your intake of protein sources such as nuts and seeds. (these will also provide the calories you will be missing out on)

If you DON'T want to give up dairy - and I can completely understand if you don't - then try and make sure all your dairy food is organic - this will prevent them containing hormones and other harmful substances. You may also want to try the more easily digestible products made from goats milk.

Sorry about the novel!

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I agree with Rossie; dairy can be a huge culprit in acne. The only way you can know for sure if it causes acne for YOU, is to eliminate it and watch your skin.

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Well, i stopped drinking milk, but i'm still eating yoghurt.

I thought yoghurt is good for digestion? Doesnt it help the friendly bacteria in you stomach????

Anyway, i use the non-fat types, cause i know that most of the polluants, and a lot of hormones are stored in fat tissue. So, if they remove the fat, most of the bad substances would be gone too, isnt that so???

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I have a strict vegan on my staff who breaks out, and she eats no animal products at all. My sister never eats any diary either and her skin is pretty bad. I think some people have skin triggers and most of us probably don't. I think stress is far more impactful on my skin than food ever has been. I eat well to feel good and keep my weight down.

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dairy causes acne, like the pill helps girls to get rid of acne.

-it does not work for anybody-

but It hell shure makes you get cancer a lot easyer.

just skip milk and go for soja. wink.gif

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I feel like acne is both a hormonal problem as well as a digestion/metabolism problem. I don't think there is any one "cause" of acne for everyone. I know lots of people who eat dairy who don't have acne.

However, I noticed that after I ate a lot of dairy (specifically-drank milk) my zits got really itchy and pushed up through the skin more. Made me wonder...so I've cut out dairy and my skin is noticably better. Of course, I've also been following the regimine so thats helping too..but it only helps to try up the zits and I've noticed I've been getting less zits too.

So I think that some people either have problems digesting milk, or are slightly allergic to it. If you are one of those people and you have acne anyway, dairy will probably only make it worse. I also wonder about all the hormones that are in the milk...perhaps organic milk would be good to try and see, although there is nowhere to buy it where I live.

My new motto-moderation when it comes to dairy. I can't go vegan completely, I love creamy sauces and soups too much! wink.gif

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