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acne at 14 im 18 I just cant deal with it...

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august 5th of this year.

Have had acne for almost 5 yrs after 2005 hits. Im so depressed I keep breaking out constantly on the forhead area. Its like acne is ruining my life there SO MANY things I want to do in life like GOING TO college but I so badly want my acne to clear up first. How embarsing is it to still have acnw hen in college when all your friends aroundyou have far grown out of it. I just dont understand I even deprive my self of the jobs I wanted to get. I know im a good looking kid but acne can really ravage yourlooks. I remember working at Hollister where everyone is so naive I was clear att he time and I was thinking I finally grew out of this shit I was on carleys at the time keep in mind. My skin was so clear and even toned and nice I was loving life and my co-worker you know you have to be good looking to work there. Anyways the breakouts came back on my forehead and the temple area. I wold try to wear hollister hats on some day to conceal some of the breakouts thank god for the dark lighting in their. anyways it became to obvious and I had to quit as a matter of fact I was actuallly "let go" or so I heard from my employees they said the boss was thinking about letting me go I was depressed. Anyways at least my dad has a rental car company and I make money from that washing cars. My life sucks I went from bein goutgoing having a job I was happy with getting ready to go to school I had frineds who worked with me at hollister and now im a freaking car washer with acne and ugh ... doubt.gif I dont even go out anymore. Maybe I should try carleys clear and smooth again who know my skin is just pure shit its amzing how your skin can go from perfect to rough and disgusting. cry.gif

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dude..first off your worrying waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much. fuck hollister. the clothes suck anyways.

secondly, have you tried the REGIMEN????? or you could try botchlas too man. do some research. i have never heard of this carleys thing you keep refferring to, but uhh, if it cleared you up so well then maybe try it again????

anyways...if its just your forehead, thats nothing. lots of people have it a lot worse than you do. SA would work for that prob btw.

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you dont understand my whole fae is just rough I also get these tiny clogged pores around my mouth area. My skin tone is sor otf rough and just unhealthy. Hmm but im not going to giv eup. I just need to get my diet adn water intake back on track and try carleys again.

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Never give up man. Always carry a will to succeed. An you know what they say....when there's a will, there's a way. smile.gif

Good luck.


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