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So Have I Improved? Multiple Pictures+Rate It ! Since April-Aug.

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I got pretty bad chest acne in the start of April. I always have some chest pimples, but seriously nothing to complain about at all. they would come and go, As of April it got pretty bad so here are some pictures since April. I went on minocyline which might of helped not sure, I went off of it 1 week ago and I saw some pimples on my upper chest I didn't like so I am taking it again. Going to see my derm Tuesday. June 6.

April 15th, 2012


April 25th


April 29th


May 9th


May 19th


May 21


May 30


June 2.


July 2


July 7

August 3


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Started drinking 2 liters to 1 gallon of water a day, tons of chicken, stoppped drinking my protien powder(whey), started getting tons of sun on my chest, watched more of what I ate, I am taking mino cycline, I apply Clindamycine 3x a day and 10% BP cream all over my chest 2x a day.

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Where and which kind of BP 10% did you get? I can't find one that can supply enough for my chest and back without the price being so expensive > <.

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