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Finally!! Something that works!! (100% clear)

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biggrin.gif First off, i needed to smile because this is the first time in AWHILE than i can think about my face and smile. Let me start by telling you a little about myself. I am currently 22 and acne free. This had not always been the case. In fact, I remember not too long ago making up excuses as to why i couldnt go out to a bar or club because my face was a complete mess. Living like this made me more and more depressed. On top of that all my friends had great skin...go figure. I started getting acne when i was 16, but it wasnt that bad. Maybe because everyone else had acne and mine was pretty light. Growing up i thought i was the lucky one who would escape the problems of acne that i noticed around me. BOY was i WRONG! 19 seemed to be magic number. All of sudden for no particular reason my face started to EXPLODE. Not literally of course, eventhough at times i wished it would. biggrin.gif To make matters worse I was in college and trust me, nothing like walking around with zits all over your face trying to impress girls.

I hated my life at that point. Couldn't understand why at 19 my face decided to recruit acne as his best friend. My derm didnt offer any help and prescribed me tons of medication that neither cured nor prevented my acne. But it was successful at one thing.....turning my face bright red. So there i was both red faced and acne covered...it was a beautiful site. At this point i was desperate for anything. And thus began the year long trial and error of acne products. You name it, i've probably tried it at one point or another. I've done it all..the liver flushes (which helped, but who really wants live a life eating grass and weeds all day?!), the "chinese" herbal medicines (if they work so well then why do people in China have acne?? Think about that.),accutane, retin - A, differen, b5, and pretty much every hoaxe gimme product you can think of. And nothing really worked. Does this sound familiar to you? It should because i cannot be the only person to find these products a failure.

I was beginning to give up on my face and throw in the towel when one night i came across an article that caught my eye. I won't type out the article but will give you the general gist of it. There has been countless studies of connecting vitamins and acne together. Many people do not believe this, but it is true... I can tell you that first hand.

Bad skin and acne are bi-products of deficiency in minerails and vitamins that our body needs. This deficiency has probably occured from bad maintence throughout the years. I know for me that i never used to take vitamins and regularly ingested junk foods that provided zero nutritional value which most likely caused this deficiency. You may be thinking " so all i have to do is take vitamins and i wll be cured". Well it's not that simple..acne never is. Yes, vitamins is the heart of curing acne, but you need to know which vitamins and at what dosages. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Too many vitamins can work against eachother causing more problems for your skin. There is also a toxicity risk you take if you consume too many vitamins. This is why b5 overdosing is generally not a good idea. So here is what has got me 100% clear in little less than a month:

Vitamin E (400 IU's Natural) - 1x morning, 1x night = 20,000 IU's

- Great for general health of skin

Zinc ( 50 mg) - 1x morning

- Great for clearing stubborn red marks (no more that 50 mg)

Flax Seed Oil (1000 mg) - 1x morning, 1x night = 2000 mg

- Have whiteheads/or blackheads? Flax Seed Oil is great for loosening the plugs

B - Complex (100 mg ) - 1x morning, 1x night = 100 mg

- Oily Complextion? B - Complex greatly reduces oil production

Cod Liver Oil - 2x morning, 2x night

- Essential part of the cure. Vitamin A & D must be taken together to work.

Omega 3 Fish Oil - 1x morning, 1x night = 2000 mg

- Essential fatty acids breakdown harmful substances we injest (i.e. junk food)

Vitamin C 1000 mg w/ Bioflavonoids - 1x morning, 1x night

- Vitamin C helps maintain an acid alkali balance which is essential for clear skin

Apple Cider Vinger

- Should be called miracle drug because not only does it help cure acne but also increases metobalism thus promoting weight loss. Type it in google to see all the cures.

Before you rush to your local GNC or Drug Store I must warn you first. Like you the first time i read about vitamins i was eager to start this treatment, eventhough the article had suggested to buy online due to the better quality of the products. I disregarded this and went to my local GNC to buy the vitamins needed. In retrospect this was a total waste of both time and money. After a month of no change and more pimples i decided to re-read the article to see i had missed anything and guess what?? I had! The author mentions how like any product vitamins are only as good as they are manufactured. Vitamins are not all the same. It's like saying all cars are the same, and as we all know, this is not true. A porsche is by far better than a ford focus. In the same respect some vitamin manufacturers are better than others. I have found the best quality vitamins as well as the cheapest are online. If you lived with acne for this long, waiting 5 days longer won't kill you. Save money and order quality vitamins online. Trust me, you'll thank me in a month when your face is clear. biggrin.gif

You can buy all the vitamins you need here

Healthy Skin Vitamins

One last note: For my cure I also apply Apple Cider Vinegar to my face everynight. Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the best natural cures available. Type it into google and see what you find. I use this instead of bp and not only does it work, but also reduces red marks faster than anything i've ever used and does not leave my face red. You can buy ACV at your local grocery store and is very cheap. Mix 1 parts ACV with 4 parts water. Take a cotten swab and dab onto face everynight. Since ACV is acidic is nature it kills all bacteria on the surface, which means it could potentially dry out your face if you use too much ACV and too less water. I found the 1/4 ratio is perfect, but if you like you skin to be extra moist you may prefer to put on some moisturizer right afterwards.

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THIS IS GREAT. So it took you a month to see results? What book is this from sounds kind of like the p erricone vitamins. How much in the end did all the vitamins cost an estimate?

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