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One Month Update (20 mg a day)

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Hello all! I just wanted to update everyone with my progress on Accutane for one month with only 20 mg. FYI: I am returning to the doctor tonight to have my prescription upped to 40 mg a day! (is that more expensive?!)

First off, I thought that the second week of accutane was the worst breakout I had ever had. I was wrong. Last week and this week are far worse than that. I have giant cysts all over my face and what isn't cystic is getting there or red from where a previous one went away. It seems that washing with Cetaphil, using Cleocin-T or attempting to play with make-up only irritates my skin and makes the cysts break open. In an effort to kill bacteria, I've started putting hydrogen peroxide on every open wound. It stings for a while but I think it is helping with drying them up.

The other side effects I noticed are occasional slight headache, terribly dry lips, pimples on my legs (?), and itchy scalp. I did have a crying spell last week but that was only because of how hopeless I felt that my acne would clear up and my fear of all the scarring I will have. Once upon a time, I modeled. Now I am too old for that yet between media and my mother/her mother, I am (like most girls) extremely focused on how I look.

I will continue to keep you posted of my progress. I hope that this helps.

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Thank you. It helps a lot to read what other people are going through and knowing that this isn't the end of the world, even if it feels like it. After seeing my doctor on Monday and getting super shots of cortisone, several cysts are going away and now my face has dry pieces of skin coming off of it. I am really happy about this because I never recall dry, flaky skin and scabs.

As far as my wonderful, suceed in the world and make a lot of money insurance plan goes, it sucks! It cost me $194 to get 40 mg of Accutane. Last month, it was $171 for 20 mg. Can someone please remind me why I am paying $200 a month again?! I keep forgetting.... eusa_wall.gif

Other than that, I am pretty happy with the results, post-cortisone, and can actually look at myself in the mirror without that feeling of self-loathing. I have one cyst coming in on the top of my forehead, directly across from where the other one was so at least my skin is coordinated and I have whiteheads and blackheads (I haven't had them since eleven) coming in at different places. Skin is basically coming off of my lips and kissing my fiance goodbye this morning, I warned him that he might get some on him. Yuck. I need to research something other than carmex.

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First off, thank you Elsa for telling me where to buy that stuff. I was looking for it during lunch hour but was obviously in the wrong section: lip balms. You don't want your lips peeling. It is a very strange side effect.

And yes, Booker, my extremely large corporation decided to choose a prescription plan wherein the insurance company maybe covers $5.00 on most prescriptions.

Between Accutane, Cleocin and birth control pills to control my acne, it is a wonder I can put gasoline in my car. The skyrocketed gasoline prices don't help either.

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Im using regular vaseline lip balm, my lips were getting pretty bad (to match my skin) Hopefully I will not continue to get worse, Im on 40mg a day.

My lips are fine now, I put it on once an hour or so.

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Ive been through EXACTLY what you're going through and i very very nearly lost hope completely. But.. im now on month 2 and things are just starting to look up and im not breaking out, im clearing (well the right side of my face anyway.)

Just wanted to say keep the faith... and cortisone injections work an absolute treat!!I love them!!

Check my log, i think we're pretty similar (ish)?

Frankie smile.gif

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