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Dear friends,

I have not signed in for a couple of years. Let me remind you of my scar condition. I have just a few scars, one of them is an ice pick and two or three others are boxcar. I had microdermabrasion, blood transfer and IPL a few years ago. It worked, nobody was able to see my scars after these treatments but me :) they were invisible but still there. My doctor told me it was the level he sought to reach and he managed,- and we should stop. Thus we stopped. Actually I was happy, when I told people that I had acne scars everyone was thinking I was mad because they could not see anything. I can say I received 50 % improvement.

Then I moved to Brazil, Sao Paulo. Since Brazil is famous for aesthetic, plastic operations, beauty-related sector, the first thing I did was to go to a competent dermatologist. She offered me 3 sessions of Fractional Laser and some peeling sessions. I had one peeling session which was a moderate peeling and one Fractional Laser session. The doctor (and I to be honest) was amazed with the result. I really do nout want to deliver any null hopes to anyone. Because I know how scarring affects our psychology and lives. I am just telling what worked for me. After these sessions the doctor did not see any need for other sessions and we stopped.

I can say that I had at least 70% improvement. Scars are still there, but nobody including me can see the. I have to get very close to the mirror to see them.

If you have mild to moderate scarring, fractional laser works.

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Congrats, everyone on the scar forums dreams of having success stories like yours.

May I ask what laser she used, Fractional Co2, Erbium, Fraxel Repair, Deep Fx, Smart Dot, etc....

Thanks for sharing!

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