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Kombucha tea

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There's this tea made from a an organism called a Kombucha mushroom (though it's actually a yeast/bacteria symbiotic colony and not a fungus) which is supposed to be very good for many different ailments. It's been reported to clear up acne and other skin problems completely. Anyone tried this?

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Yes I've been drinking it for about 2 months. I'm clear now but it wasn't because of the tea. There were other effects that were good though like an increase in concentration, a lot of energy(constant energy, there is no point where I come down like with sugar and caffiene), and it has certain acids in large concentrations that the liver uses to repair and detoxify itself.

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I have been drinking kombucha whenever I feel like.. I will say every three to four days.. But i did drink daily for maybe two weeks.. it didnt get me clear. It seems nothing NOTHING makes me clear. Oh boy.

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You can get info here http://w3.trib.com/~kombu/

Also if you just google "kombucha" you get about a hundred sites advertising them, plus lots of useful info. I had heard they were good, but I drank the tea and found it had no effect on my skin. I did feel much better overall though, and I haven't been ill in almost a year (even though I've stopped drinking it now). Some people say it is great for acne. Not for everyone though sad.gif

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Guest Scorpioness

I drink kombucha from time to time. I do not like the pungent vinegar taste at all, and don't think I could get into drinking it regularly. And without drinking it regularly, I doubt it will show effects in the skin.

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