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My Skin 4 And A Half Weeks After Using The Regimen

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So after dealing with plenty of lifestyle changes, with college, moving back and forth between my college town and home between the seasons, and plenty of other stresses, I noticed a couple months ago that my skin was definitely at a very poor stage.

After one full month on the Regimen, and doing my best not to pick or squeeze (except for those random, small whiteheads that need it) I realized that I'm finally starting to see some of the promised results **knock on wood**

I wish I had a before picture from a couple of months ago, along with some other incidents that happened to me, my face was literally a war zone of scrapes and nasty looking crap that could've passed for a severe infection. Keep in mind that I still do breakout, my main problem areas would be my cheeks, and most recently my chin. I used to get the deeper, nodular types of acne. I realized they were only so deep because I would ALWAYS be squeezing or picking, rather than just treating.

My only hope is to consistently keep up the fight! and stick to the regimen religiously like I've been doing. So here's a picture to give some of you Regimen starters a glimmer of hope!

Thanks Dan and Acne.org!

p.s. please excuse my nostril flaring, i dont know how to smile.


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Mine is going good.. and I am glad that yours slowed down! lol My skin just gets better and better but then I pick at it and it is a process to get it back to where it was... I was still having purging (that is what it felt like) up until a week or two ago so that was a challenge. Keep up the good work! :)

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