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Hey I want to suggest calendulan cream, pure ones for scar fading. It also helps for discolored spots. Im still amazed of it's powers, im now gonna try some pure aloe vera too.

I was so stupid to pick on some cysts, after pushing and picking they opened and all the iew stuff came out, after a day or so i saw omg there's like holes forming ( guess that would be icepicks) I start putting on calendulan every day. put it on 3 times a day on those areas. guess what after 2 weeks of using it now only left me a spot with no icepick at all, it works great with the healing process!! if i look at it in the bright light there is just almost nothing left expect a bit of discoloration which will go away in about two weeks if i keep using calendulan! Im using it also for old scars and hyperpigmentation. 3 weeks now and the spots were dark and are now almost the same as my skin color. It also has icepick spots but I can't tell yet if those are getting better, the overall appearance is getting much more better though.

One problem for me that I can get zits near the spots i put on calendulan creme. so i need to sleep on my back and not rubbing my face all over the pillow cuz it will spread the creme. Just keep it to the problem area. The scars have soften ( the edges and Do look like they are fading)

I just wanted to share it with you guys, it's pure calendulan and its very oily but it has amazing powers. Im gonna try aloe vera too.

Im trying vinegar too and drinking lots of vitamine c and e for wound regeneration. Lemon juice rocks, it's also for older skin.. Your skin is always renewing itself with new cells just get yourself enough vitamins (not pills mates) but from fresh fruits to let it heal up on it's own. It just needs enough colageen and power to do it, so get enough vitamins.

DOn't say I don't care cuz it's already f*ked up, cuz you'll only be worse off eating fastfood shit.

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You really should think about that sentence! Herbal cures usually don't work anyway, and many times will make things worse. It is probably just your skin healing itself like it naturally does. I may be wrong about calendulan, but I don't think so.  wink.gif

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Fair enough, but I would hate to see you or anyone that takes your advice "cure" one pimple only to get 3 more because of the "cure." There are many things that are scientifically proven to be effective against acne. I do hope that you try some of them.

By the way, I strongly agree with your advice about getting vitamins from fresh fruits. (And even more veggies!)

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I have never heard of it. I looked it up on cosmeticscop.com and this is the closest thing I found. Is it the same thing?

calendula extract. Derived from the plant commonly known as pot marigold; there is little research showing it to have any effect on skin, though it may have antibacterial and antioxidant properties for skin.- cosmeticscop.com

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Therapeutic properties - Calendula is antiseptic. Some constituents are antifungal (particularly the resins), antibacterial, and antiviral. The herb also astringes the capillaries, an action that explains its effectiveness for cuts, wounds, varicose veins, and various inflammatory conditions.

Skin remedy- Calendula is above all a remedy for the skin, providing effective treatment for most minor skin problems. Calendula is used for cuts, scrapes, and wounds; for red and inflamed skin, including minor burns and sunburn; for acne and many rashes; and for fungal conditions such as ringworm, athlete's foot, and thrush. Calendula is very helpful for diaper rash and cradle cap, and soothes nipples that are sore from breast-feeding.

Detoxifying - Calendula has long been considered a detoxifying herb, and helps to treat the toxicity that underlies many fevers and infections, and systemic skin disorders, such as eczema and acne. Calendula is also considered cleansing for the liver and gallbladder and can be used to treat problems affecting these organs.

Gynecological uses - Calendula has a mild estrogenic action and is often used to help reduce menstrual pain and regulate menstrual bleeding. The infusion makes an effective douche for yeast infections.

Other medical uses - Abscess, Breast tenderness, Wrinkles.


it's an old herb with many healing powers. Sorry i used calendulan as name that is the dutch name. English i Believe is Calendula. The more percentage calendula the better.

It is not some stuff I put on my face, it's been researching and researching. It has powers to fade scars and as above mentioned inflamed skin (acne wounds) discoloration etc.

About the zits thingie oldguy mentioned, it is occasionally this occurs. Just stick to the parts where there is no sign of zits wanting to pop up, and you'll be fine. Like today i had another one popping out, now there was a crust on it. then put calendula on it. In a matter of time the crust will fall off and when you wash your face, not even toouching it the only thing that will remain in my case is a redish spot (this is a normal zit no cyst btw) There will be no trace of it, even if you pushed the zip out too hard.3 days ago i popped out some normal zits, I have a mirror 1 feet away from me and I am not able to see the redish marks anymore, because it works best obviously when dealing when the wound is healing.

This stuff will regenerate the skin while the crust is there and after that stadium and giving it extra nutriciens.Though as far as I have experienced it, it will not help you to get rid off blackheads, birthmark-kinda-like-spots.

for OursFan. You probably cannot get exactly the same stuff as I have, because this is for the dutch market, also calendula grows in europe.

But of course there is a similair one for (I guess american) market and other countries.

If you get an calendula extract, do find one with the highest percentages real calendula extract in it. preferably 30% ++ But there are special manufactors who sell calendula, and the cream will be called just the same..

O yea, one more thing. Im drinking water with lemonjuice everyday. 2 days with 1 fresh lemon. Preferably spreading it over a few glasses water a day. Very many vitamin c in it, as most of you of course already know! Do eat your veggies and extra things like I do to give the regeneration process of the skin a boost. Problem is when you have many wounds to heal and you dont get enough vitamins the wounds will misform.

anyway enough typing for now.

I will keep ya'll posted anyways. Price here for the cream is only 3,50 dollars.

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o yea and oldguy, yea this is just for the scarring. Im using bp gel with alcohol to make spots clean and im on minocycline. If the minocycline will not show any progress as in reducing my acne I will be on (ro)acutane . I have acne all over my face and around 10 cystics. Also on my back and shoulders. It's getting pretty bad but i have to go on with minocycline, though next derm apointment i will get acutane cuz my face is evidence enough that ( i dont believe this minocycline does shit) just no good. Anyway doesn't matter dealing with this thread, also i have alot of scares, icepicks and other ones. Im treating the rolling ones when i can. Also i used it on old icepicks and it they seem to get less deep. But i haven't been using calendula that long so we will see what it does to those kind of scars. First of all i need to get rid of my active acne cuz the cystic ones and many is not a pleasure.

It's a war. And just a reminder, most people are still quite young and the technology is still advancing rapidly, within 10 20 years there will be tons of new things and ways to make our skin better. So never lose hope. Ever!

Just use your brains let the people talk and earn some good money and save it up when you think drastic measures are needed.

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