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So I Made It To A Cumulative 120Mg/kg

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Hi all

I just took my last three pills that give me a cumulative dose of exactly 120mg/kg now (BW 87kg now, started at 83kg).

Like this

36 days 40mg

10 days 80mg

43 days 120mg

7 days 160mg (too heavy)

16 days 120mg

5 weeks ago I got a huge cyst on my hairline. It was incisioned+drained twice, but in the end he did an injection and now it's almost flat.

4 weeks ago I would still break out from milk

Today I got another whitehead in my moustache area.

I live in South-Korea now and therefore I have a different derm than the one I started with.

This derm wants to continue my course like

2 weeks 80mg

2 weeks 60mg

2 weeks 40mg

However, I hate this medication by now. Lips are horrible and the flushing / red face is getting really embarrassing. People constantly ask you if you're drunk or if you took a hot shower or if you're nervous or whatever.

July 1st I will go on holiday. It will be a no-hygiene holiday, so hardly any chance to shave (against skinpeel) or clean my lips (against horrible lip peel) etc.

In other words, I want to do my holiday without accutane side effects.

Now my question is. Let's assume I took my last pills today. What are the chances that accutane will really 'kick in' in this coming month before my holiday?

Would it be smart to continue for 2 weeks at 60mg? ( = halve the dose) Maybe the side-effects will subdue?

Would it be smart to go to 20mg daily now, and continue that during my summer holiday to prevent breakouts? Would side effects be much less when on 20mg?

I hope you guys can help me a little, my derm just wants to continue but I'm a little done with it.

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